What Are The Goals Of Shinju?

The Boruto universe has brought quite a change in perspective we had since the airing of the Naruto anime. These changes have introduced a plethora of new characters as well as new plot devices. A lot of these characters and devices are not yet fully explored to the maximum degree since the information on them is quite sparse. However, these characters have become a major center of speculation in the fanbase.

Shinju, or the Jubi is a character that was introduced in the Naruto anime as the Ten Tails. However, the Boruto manga has given our perspective of this tailed beast a complete overhaul. The Ten tails shown in Naruto was merely a husk of the original Shinju. The true Shinju or the God Tree is the primordial being that is the progenitor of all life in the world of Naruto and Boruto.

How strong is Shinju and what are its abilities

Shinju is the very source of the world’s chakra and is an entity that can create energy by merely its presence. The abilities of this primordial force of life is on a completely different level. Shinju can manipulate the weather and climate of the world and cause natural disasters with ease. The Shinju is also said to have supernatural strength enough to split countries and lift mountains. It has control over Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and even Lightning release.

Shinju is capable of widespread destruction by using Tailed beast bombs and beams which are capable of destroying entire nations. Shinju can also use cloning techniques to make shinju clones which are also extremely strong and capable of tailed beast levels of destruction. When in its true form Shinju can also open the axial bud on its top to reveal the eye inside to cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

True Goal of Shinju

The God Tree is only capable of making use of its full capabilities when it has gathered all the chakra of the entire world. After absorbing all the tailed beasts Shinju can use Infinite Tsukuyomi to trap the world inside a permanent genjutsu to absorb their chakra and turn them into husks. Shinju uses all of this chakra to form the chakra fruit which the Otsutsuki clan members are after.

Basically, if allowed to grow the Shinju can result in the worldwide extinction of humans and therefore bring about the destruction of the entire planet.

The Shinju clones

The Shinju is capable of creating bite grines which can turn their victims into trees which continues to absorb their chakra. Furthermore, Shinju can use their chakra to create Shinju clones that have similar abilities to the victim. This is how the Shinju is able to make the shinju clones of Isshiki, Sasuke and Code.

The Evolution of Shinju

In Boruto, the evolution of Shinju was brought upon by Code who wanted to utilise its powers to attack Konoha. This resulted in Shinju dividing into multiple Claw Grimes with different abilities and expand its influence over a larger area and to absorb larger amounts of Chakra.


In the end, it can be said that Shinju is one of if not the final antagonist of the series. It is weaponized by the Otsutsukis to gain the chakra fruits and lay waste to the world. However, it will be interesting to see how it continues on with its sinister evolution and how Boruto will tackle its prim.

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