Will Shibai Otsutsuki Ever Return In Boruto?

The Otsutsuki clan have been making a mess around the universe for quite a while. We all know Kaguya Otsutsuki, who lived over a thousand years. Likewise we have seen many other Otsutsuki appear in the Boruto series. But the most powerful one is Shibai Otsutsuki who apparently already achieved Godhood by transcending his mortal body and went on a different dimension. The question still remains, “Did Shibai Otsutsuki truly transcend mortality and become a God? Or is his legend just another Otsutsuki myth?”

Who Is Shibai Otsutsuki?

Shibai Otsutsuki is a high ranking member of the Otsutsuki clan. He lived a thousand years ago so he should be the same age as the other Otsutsuki members. But unlike other otsutsuki members, he conquered most worlds and ate the most amount of chakra fruits. That’s why he became the strongest Otsutsuki that ever lived. He became so strong that he attained Godhood and transcended his mortal body and went on a higher dimension. This data has been given by none other than Momoshiki himself. That’s the very Godhood that all Otsutsuki clan members aspire to achieve, including Ishiki and Momoshiki. The idea is similar to humans following god.

Shibai Otsutsuki Main

Shibai Otsutsuki Abilities

After Shibai attained Godhood, he became so powerful that his techniques were known as “Shinjutsu”.He had so many amazing and powerful abilities which is why no one dared to stand against him. Shibai can create storms by just moving his hands and he possessed many other great abilities too like  clairvoyance, omnipotence and automatic reflection and many that we don’t know about. You might have heard about the other techniques because Amado found the remains of Shibai and put his DNA on some humans to copy his abilities. Turns out his experiments were successful and he gave powers to many members of Kara including Code, Daemon, Eida and many others.

Will Shibai Otsutsuki Return?

As per Momoshiki’s information, Shibai ascended to a higher dimension leaving his body behind which means,he still alive but he has no physical body in that dimension. If he returns, he might have no physical presence or he might possess the body of Eida or Daemon or even Code as his cells were implanted in their body which he can control to take the host body. But why will he ever return? We know that the Otsutsuki clan members consume chakra fruits to increase their abilities, longevity and lifespan. Since he has been there for 1000 years, he might try to come back to see what their clan members are doing. His timing might be an event where Boruto unlocks his jougan. Although the jougan won’t be a big deal for him, there should be something that he could not fulfil and find it on earth. When he does he might come back to earth in search of jougan or anything special that might occur in the upcoming sequel. That’s all a theory anyway. He might become a good person too after spending so much time in higher dimension.


The details of Shibai are still very vague. The existence and strength of Shibai is still not clear and we have no idea of his personality either. So we are assuming we might see him after the fight between Kawaki and Boruto settled or he might come in the next generation of this show just like Naruto had Boruto. So Boruto’s child might have to deal with Shibai. That’s where Saruto, who will be the child of Sarada and Boruto, comes to mind. But still it’s all very far ahead in the future.

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