Top 8 Most Popular Yandere Anime Characters

People surely love Yandere characters to see in action. Yandere Characters indeed become a center of attention for a few moments as they show love and jealousy at the same time. Yandere characters are often seen in Japanese anime after that the concept of having a yandere character became quite famous in other entertainment industries as well. Before jumping into the characters you must know the meaning of the Yandere word.

Yandere Meaning

Yandere word is made of two different Japanese words. Those are “yanderu” and “deredere”. Yanderu means “to be sick” and deredere means “love struck”. A yandere is often considered as sweet, caring, and innocent who really loves his or her beloved. When she sees someone trying to steal his/her love her mood switches from sweet and caring to psycho and violent who can go to any level for his/her love.

Yandere characters are often female characters in anime. Yandere concept is the spin off from tsundere character.

Top 8 Yandere Characters

So here are the top 8 Yandere anime female characters who have taken their love devotion and yandere mode to a whole new level. Please note that these are only a few characters you can find out more if you search on the internet.

8. Kasumi Takamiya

Kasumi Takamiya

Kasumi Takamiya is the daughter of Komachi Takamiya. She has a brother named Hanako Takamiya. She also has a brother complex and gets angry when Hanako tries to approach other girls, especially Ayaka Kagari. Kasumi considers Ayaka as her enemy who is trying to steal Hanako away from her. Kasumi has a good appearance. She has dark pink hair with a hairband. She switches to Yandere mode whenever she sees her brother approaching a girl.

7. Anna Nishikinomiya

Anna Nishikinomiya is the main character of Shimoneta anime. She is the president of the student council. She has silver hair with blue eyes. Anna become lovesick ever since she kissed Tanukichi Okuma, she became lovesick. After the kissing incident, she begins to lust for Tanukichi. She considers it love and she is willing to erase anything that comes in her way. Later it was revealed that she is after Tanukichi’s love nectar thus it explains why she attempted to rape her.

6. Akane Hiyame

Akane Hiyama

Akane Hiyame is the main protagonist of Renai Bouken anime and a true yandere character. She has long red hair and she always wears school uniform mostly in the series. She acts normal in front of other people. Akane has a crush on Seiji Aino. When it comes to love she can kill any girl who comes between her and Seijo. She uses long knives to threaten other girls and Seijo. We see her yandere mode several times.

5. Eriko Kuraishi

Eriko Kuraishi

Eriko Kuraishi is a supporting character in Princess Connect Re: Dive anime. She is a member of the guild “twilight caravan”. Eriko is a fiend-race member having two horns and pink-red eyes. She fell in love with Yuuki and claims it to be her soulmate. She may not be on the cutest demon girls list but she is wild enough to be on the yandere female character list.

4. Shirayuki Hotogi

Shirayuki is a high school student in Butei. She is the council president of Tokyo Butei Academy. She is also an A-rank member of the academy’s SSR department. The word Shirayuki means snow white and it definitely suits as she has very bright white skin. Shirayuki is extremely loyal to Kinji, her childhood friend. Because of it, she easily gets jealous if any other girl tries to be on the same frame as Kinji. When she got to know that Aria and Kinji were living together, she broke the door and call Aria a thieving cat. Kinji also mentioned before that if Shirayuki got to know that he was living with some girl, she would definitely kill him.

3. Hitagi Senjougahara

Hitagi Senjougahara

Hitagi is surely suitable to be a yandere character. It totally reflects in her actions when she is with Koyomi Araragi. She claims that both of them are lovers. Whenever Araragi mentions a girl’s name, Hitagi gets angry and attack Araragi in anger and jealousy. She has purple hair with purple eyes. She wears normal clothes like others. Hitagi looks like a serious character but she is not. When it comes to Araragi, she can become quite ruthless.

2. Shouko Kirishima

Shouko Kirishima

Shouki Kirishima is a supporting character in the Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu series. She is the childhood friend of Yuuji Sakamoto. Eventually, Shouko develops feelings for Yuuji and she becomes very possessive when it comes to Yuuki.

1. Yuno Gasai

Yuno Gasai Yandere

Yuno Gasai is one of the most dangerous Yandere characters that any anime can ask. She has pink hair and pink eyes. Just like every other yandere character, Yuno is sweet and innocent. When you look into her dark side, She is ruthless, cold, and psycho.

Yandere characters surely become the attention in anime. Most of the time, the creators try to represent the yandere characters in a funny way but if it is in reality, you can face the fear.

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