Higehiro Season 2 Release Date & Info

Higehiro aka “I Shaved. Then I Brought a High School Girl Home ” is one of the most famous anime right now. Unfortunately, the finale episode hit on 28th June (29th in some countries), 2021. After that fans are wondering if there will be a second season or another episode. After all, this anime faced many criticisms before airing out on TV as the anime shows that a salaryman takes a teenager into his house and this is illegal in Japan.

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Higehiro Story

The story starts with Yoshida, an office worker who proposes to his boss and she rejects him. After getting rejected, he drinks a lot. On the way home, he finds a girl who is sitting under a telephone pillar. When he asks her why she is sitting there, she replies that she has no home to go to. She also offers her body to him to stay at his place. But he rejects her offer yet he lets her stay with him. Her name is Sayu Ogiwara. A few months after, he decides that he will make her a normal high school girl again and convince her to return to her home.

Higehiro Ending

Higehiro finale episode ending image
Image source: Muse Asia

After Yoshida successfully completes his job of taking care of Sayu, he talks with her mother and teaches her that she is the only parent Sayu has. After that, Yoshida’s work is done here and he is going to return back to his normal life. The final episode shows the goodbye between Yoshida and Sayu. After the end credits, we see Yoshida after 2 years of time gap. He is going back home and Sayu is waiting for him the way he found her the first time. Here the episode ends. There are also some new characters we noticed.

Higehiro Season 2 Release Date & Info

If you’ve watched the episode to the end. You may have noticed there was a heading that states “Next Time – Let Me Stay At Your Place”. So the company is giving hints that there can be a second season. But till now there is no official announcement other than this banner from the company itself. Plus the story of the light novel also ends here. Currently, the author tweeted,

Several years until Sayu and Yoshida meet again. There were “various things” between Yoshida and Mishima, and between Yoshida and Goto.
I will write the “various” as a spin-off work, so please wait for the follow-up report!
I’m really happy to be able to put a period in the story of Mishima and Goto!

Shimesaba – the author of higehiro light novel

According to her tweet, it looks like the author is working on a spin-off series named “Hige Wo Soru: Another Side Story”. So there will be enough material to create OVA or special episodes. It depends on the studio if they want to release an anime adaptation of the spin-off series. Seeing the popularity, there is a high chance of getting an OVA series. Here’s the tweet given below


After the tweet, there is a high chance of getting an anime sequel of the anime. It looks like the studio will definitely make the sequel of Higehiro or at least the OVA as they already teased it at the end of the last episode.

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