6 Most Annoying Things About Anime

Anime is one of the most successful entertainment industries in the world. While there are so many good sides to this entertainment category. But there are some certain annoying things also that make those people really hate about. Although these are some minor points sometimes it becomes just annoying for people to watch it. Here are 7 annoying things which people don’t like about anime.

Annoying anime

Filler Episodes

If you have watched Naruto, you surely know what I’m talking about. It’s not only about Naruto anime but also there are several anime that are filled with filler throughout some episodes where they pause the main story progress and show us some side story of a particular person or region. This happens most of the time in the Shounen anime genre. If you have noticed, the fight scenes are built up very nicely. But after that, the story’s progress becomes quite slow. It happens mostly with popular anime like Black Clover & Boruto as they are popular and the studio can make money just by stretching the story. The excitement level is like a group of hills where the fight scenes are the peak and the valley is the after story of the fight. Here the story progresses really slow. This is happening with My Hero Academia Season 5 anime. Let me show you a visual to make you understand this.

Bad Animation

Animation really plays a vital role in the success of any anime. Bad animation is something that can make a good anime look like a bad anime despite having a good story. Unlike Naruto Pain arc most of the anime that have bad animation, ruined their own popularity, for example, Seven Deadly Sins. The animations are pretty bad despite having a good story. But sometimes the studios do some cost cuttings somewhere at least. It depends on how the studio really represents that. For example, let’s talk about Haikyuu season 4 anime. When the characters are not playing and have very normal scenes like walking, eating, or talking, you can see the difference yourself. The studio is using some repetitive frames although sometimes it is good as they are saving time and manpower and they can use saved resources and time to use it in action scenes.

Back Story of Every Villain

Back Story is good to establish a villain in the story. But not every villain needs a back story. It happens a lot in Naruto and Demon Slayer anime. Literally, Demon Slayer shows the backstory of each villain no matter whether they are a small or a big villain. They just showed the backstory of almost every small villain also. It also stretches the story and opens an opportunity to create more episodes for anime. It happens when the interest and the excitement level are at a peak. As I said if it happens with a villain who is already established. It makes sense but if the studio keeps doing with every villain just to build up the story, it feels annoying for sure.

Unnecessary Extra Episodes

Sometimes, it looks like a specific anime should have stopped after a certain time though it does not apply to all anime. If the anime becomes popular sometimes the studio stretches the story to keep the anime going to earn more profit from anime. You may have seen this happening with Black Clover.

Side Character Screen Shifting

In anime, our main character is not the only hero with a sad backstory. There are other side characters too. Sometimes the studio makes an arc just to explore his powers, backstory and creates a great image of that character. It is a good thing until it shifts to another side character. When it happens, the previous side character who has made his name becomes almost useless. Like just to another character, the story nerfs the previous arc’s main focus character. It clearly focuses on the present character and makes the previous strong characters useless in that specific arc.


Let’s say you want to watch anime legally. So you take a subscription to any platforms like Netflix, Crunchyroll or Funimation but later you find out that some anime is not available in your region or on the specific platform. It’s either available in a different region or on a different platform. You need to use VPN or you can at least take another OTT subscription. Now there is a Youtube channel named Muse Asia that streams anime on Youtube for free but it is only available in Asian countries. If someone wants to see English dubbed episodes, it’s not available either. Thus you will use VPN again to watch these shows on other platforms.

Final Verdict

So these are the annoying points of anime that almost everyone has faced once. Other than these points, if you find anything related to this, you may tell us in the comments below. Also, it’s just some points nothing serious to boycott anime.

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