Akame Ga Kill Anime Vs Manga – Why Manga Is Better

Akame Ga Kill is one of the famous anime of old days. It came in 2014. The story starts with boy Tatsumi who approaches the capital city for wealth to help out his village to survive from starvation. It’s because the capital has increased the tax to a ridiculous amount. After that he finds out that the city is totally corrupted. There is a gang named night raids which wipes up the corruption. He joins that gang and starts assassinating corrupted people.

Akame Ga Kill anime vs manga

Now there is a confusion among weebs, what are the differences between anime and manga and which is better. So to know the difference, first we need to see the history of manga and anime. 

Manga History

Takahiro wrote this manga. The first chapter of the manga came out in 2010. The manga has 15 volumes in total. The last volume came on 22nd December 2016. However there is a prequel that was also released after the end of the main manga series. The name of the prequel is Akame ga Kill! Zero. It has 10 volumes. The prequel series was going side by side with the main series. It was released on 25th October, 2013 and it ended 3 years after the main manga series. It ended on 25th January, 2019. There is still a series going by the name Hinowa ga Crush. The writer is the same and it comes under this story. We can’t say anything right now as the manga is still ongoing.

 The writer also suggested the fact that there should be one boy captured by many girls. Fortunately the writer approved this, this is why we see Tatsumi get captured in the first few chapters.

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Anime History

As for the anime, it was released after 1 years of manga release. White Fox studio made the show. They may have hurried to complete the series. As you know the manga is still ongoing and has different prospects in stories. The first episode of Akame Ga Kill appeared on 7th July, 2014 and it ended on 15th July, 2014. Whereas the manga continued. Thus the story seems to be different in anime.

Anime Vs Manga

There are some fundamental differences between the anime and the manga. The difference started when the story of the anime caught up with the manga. Since there are no further chapters in manga, the difference between the story of anime and manga started although there are other reasons also for this. Here are the reasons down below

Different Ending

The ending in manga is pretty different from the ending in anime. It may sound odd but this is the same story line but it has different endings in anime and manga as the anime ended 2 years before the manga.

Screen times

Compared to the manga, the anime gave very less time to the characters. All the characters had very little time. I guess the studio was in a pretty hurry to end the anime. The anime only got 24 episodes where all stories can’t be covered. That’s why they cut off the screen time of the player.

Character Development

If you’ve read manga, you may have noticed that the characters in manga have proper character development. Meanwhile in anime, due to less screen time, the character development is pretty dull in anime.

Why Manga is better

The manga is better because the story progressed slowly with proper character development and keeping the thrill of the show. Whereas the anime completed everything in a hurry. They completed the anime before manga. It gave neither any screen time to the important characters nor a proper character development. Even the ending was abrupt.

Final Words

Despite having a different ending, anime has almost the similar story as the manga. It’s known to everyone that the anime can’t put all elements from manga, something will be nerfed. So it’s not their fault either to skip the parts.

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