Why Jujutsu Kaisen Is So Popular

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the trending anime nowadays. If you’re an anime fan you already heard about this anime. Some who haven’t watched or at least they are planning to watch this anime. They may wonder what’s so special about this anime. Even some people are comparing this anime with Naruto, One Piece and Demon Slayer. It is so hyped that people want to know the reason behind all the excitement.


Just like Naruto and Demon Slayer anime, Jujutsu Kaisen is also a Shonen Anime but it’s a bit different. People are also claiming that it will be the next big anime industry. Here’s why

Dark Theme

In other shounen stories where people are saved from the villains. But in Jujutsu Kaisen, people are just dying even though they are heroes. There are no dramatic friendship building and nothing like other shonen anime. The show is just full of dark stories. Most of the people use curse power to eliminate curses. The energy is actually based on their negative emotions. The author did a great job to make it an exception from other anime in the same genre.


Although the whole show is based on a dark theme, there are some comedies. The humour of this show is what makes little comedy scenes. The writer put the comedy scenes in perfect places. Even though the show is based on a dark theme, there are enough comedy scenes in every episode. So if 90% of the show is dark, there is still 10% comedy here and there.


The characters may look cliche at first but they all have a good backstory, interesting powers and interesting design. Other than this, they have real personalities and real change in growth. All of them have their own struggles and goals. Sometimes the characters throw a joke and turn around. Then They find out that something is wrong. Thus the dark theme stays regardless of the humour and jokes. Ultimately The characters are just great because of their great design, good story and unique abilities.


Jujutsu Kaisen is also popular because of it’s story. Let me tell you what happens in shonen anime. Someone is in trouble, heroes go in to save that person and gain new abilities. They also make some friends also. That’s what people expect in typical shonen anime. But Jujutsu Kaisen is totally different from these. If Jujutsu Kaisen characters go to save someone, either that person or anyone who go to save that person will die or at least will be badly injured. Basically you can’t predict the next scene in the show.

If any new character shows up, you don’t know how long the character will be there. They could die soon so you are not going to feel any attachment. Meanwhile the character is so well written that you already feel an attachment towards that character. Overall the story is fantastic. There are no filler episodes either. The story consistently goes to the next story and there is no gap.

Fight Scenes

There is no doubt that people watch shounen anime because of its epic fight scenes. Jujutsu Kaisen is no exception here. Mappa Studio did a great job by producing the epic fight scenes. The choreography of the fights are also good. Other than this, no new abilities are shown during the fights, they show what’s already established before. When you combine a great story, epic fight scenes and the characters, the story seems to be very interesting and unique to watch.



Another thing that makes this anime more epic, is the villains. Like every Shounen anime, the story is all about villains and heroes. But here the villains have no backstory. They are not even relatable at all. They’re just piece garbage who should be killed. Some villains look good and some look goofy. Sometimes they killed all the people working in the plaza, just to show their strength. Any These villains are great.

Satoru Gojo

Another big reason why Jujutsu Kaisen is famous is Satoru Gojo. He is the most powerful jutsu sorcerer (at the end of first season). He has become famous because of his killer looks, attitude and his strength of course.

Final Words

Jujutsu Kaisen has become famous in a short time. The story flows smoothly with dark theme and little comedy. Anyway The concept of this anime is also quite unique. Because of those reasons, this anime may become the next big one in the anime industry.

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