Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro: All you need to know

Anime is becoming more and more popular and demanding nowadays and there’s a vast number of anime genres for the fans to enjoy. There’s a huge number of viewers who love anime with a high-school setting. So, here’s good news for them because they have a chance to go back to school once again with Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro! 

Please Dont Bully Me Nagatoro

About The Anime

Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro is a Japanese anime and web manga series which began its serialization in Magazine Pocket, an online and app-based web manga magazine published by Kodansha, in November 2017. This is the story of a boy and his teasing seniors, the one and only Hayase Nagatoro. Here’s what newcomers should know about the series.

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An introverted second-year student named Naoto Hachioji at Kazehaya High School who always tries to avoid social interactions and draws manga in his free time. Hayase Nagatoro, a first-year girl, accidentally discovers his manga in the school library, calls him “Senpai”, and teases him to the point until he cries. She frequently visits the Art Club room where Naoto usually hangs out and continues to bully him for his timid personality and otaku interests, sometimes in a sexually suggestive fashion, calling him lewd. Naoto develops a crush on Nagatoro in return, as she continuously pushes him to become more assertive. 

Naoto meets all the friends of Nagatoro – Gamo, Yoshii, and Sakura – who first appear as cruel and shallow high school girls but eventually they become more supportive to bring the two closer together. The Art Club’s semi-retired president appears and tries to shut down the club, but it continues after a contest challenge during the cultural festival. The next year, the president’s younger cousin enrolls in the high school and joins the Art Club.


Naoto Hachioji, a quiet and soft-spoken boy at an ordinary Japanese high school, has to put up with a gaggle of mean girls who seem determined to torment him until another girl, Hayase Nagatoro, steps in. For a time, Nagatoro merely observed Naoto being verbally tortured, but she suddenly decides that enough is enough. Nagatoro resolves to shield her senpai Naoto from these substandard girls, but she gets exclusive rights to tease him in their place in exchange.

At first, it seems that Nagatoro also wants to bully him but rather she is protecting Naoto from the other substandard mean girls, and she may be doing it out of the goodness of her heart, not just for the sake of abstract justice. The other girls are left to wonder: why is she doing this? Is this her way of processing a crush? It’s not uncommon for boys and girls to mess with those they secretly like as a way to distance themselves from their confusing feelings, so it may be that Nagatoro’s interest in Naoto goes rather deep. To win Naoto’s heart, Nagatoro must toy with it first. 

Nagatoro might be mean to her senpai, criticizing and bullying him so many times but eventually, fans will realize that she changed, and she became someone who pushed Naoto to pursue his dream, to do the things that he wanted to do and help him to become the best version of himself.  If that is not love, then we don’t know what else it is.

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