Vanitas No Carte – Is This Anime Worth Watching?

Summer 2021 is the golden time for the anime industry. Countless anime have been released during this period. Vanitas No Carte also known as The Case Study Of Vanitas is one of them. This anime is slowly taking a pace to become a popular anime. So why anime is becoming popular or should you watch it?

The Case Study Of Vanitas

About The Case Study Of Vanitas

The Case Study Of Vanitas aka Vanitas No Carte is a vampire-based anime. It is based on its manga that is released on 22nd April 2022. According to the story, all vampires are born under the crimson moon. But one vampire takes birth under a blue moon that is considered a bad omen. Thus he was exiled from the vampire race. His name is Vanitas. He suffers throughout life. He curses the vampires and creates a grimoire named “a book of Vanitas”.

The anime starts much later than this incident. We see two main characters Noe and Vanitas. Noe is a vampire and Vanitas is the one who wields the book of vanitas. He claims that he has the descendant of the Blue Moon Clan. Many vampires are turned into curse bearers by Charlatan. The book of Vanitas can cure the curse bearers and restore them to their original selves. That’s how the story starts.

Anime Keypoints

  • The anime is mainly based on a dark vampire demographic.
  • It features two hotshot main characters with some cool abilities
  • The main character Vanitas is a human and still wants to help vampires. He is also doing it in his own way. Thus he looks like a sekfie guy who only likes to do things in his own way.
  • The bond between Vanitas and Noe is quite adorable
  • There is no downturn in the story though the anime is pacing and doesn’t cover up most of the manga incident.

Should you watch the anime?

So I’ve explained most of the things about the anime here. If you want more details about the anime you should look into Wikipedia. If you like Vampire type anime and want something new to watch, you should watch the anime. The anime is available in English dubbed also. The anime hasn’t shown any downturn yet. The Case Study of Vanitas is a fresh anime so it’s still early to comment on a conclusion. The anime is still ongoing so you may try watching this. The anime is available on Funimation.

Update – The first season of Vanitas No Carte has been ended and the part 2 has already started and this time, the story is moving smoothly whereas the first season seemed to be very slow

Final Words

The Case Study of Vanitas is surely a good anime and worth a watch. You can more entertaining anime like The Detective Is Already Dead, Tokyo Revengers, and more. But If you like anime that takes place in the medieval age, you love this anime.

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