Top 5 Strongest Characters In Spy x Family

Spy x Family has become one of the most popular anime of the year right after Demon Slayer Season 2 and Attack On Titan. Or Spy x Family may be some people’s favorite anime of this year. Sadly, Spy x Family Part 1 has ended and part 2 is expected to release in October 2022. After the first part ended, you may wonder who is the strongest character of Spy x Family? The characters are taken from the first part of the anime. There will be no manga spoilers. So this list will only have the characters who appeared in anime only.

Top 5 Strongest Characters In Spy x Family

Top 5 Strongest Characters in Spy x Family

Please note that characters won’t be only based on strength alone. We will measure the characters based on strength, IQ, battle IQ, and skills. Although the anime showed a few characters only, still we made the strongest character list we had. So keep your expectations to yourself. If we recount all the abilities mentioned above, we get only a few names that are actually the strongest.

5. Franky Franklin

Franky Franklin

Franky Franklin is the informant of Twilight. You may think it’s quite weird to mention him in the strongest category. At the end of Spy x Family Part 1, we see how handy he can be. Franky helps Twilight to gather intel for Twilight. For example, he stole the exam papers for Anya’s upcoming exams, he also keeps an eye on enemy activity without getting caught which is great. Franklin even fought with Twilight and he can even disguise himself like Twilight. From this point, we can say he has enough brain juice and strength to survive in the enemy’s territory without being suspicious. So counting all these points, we can say that he totally deserves to be on this list.

4. Donovan Desmond

Donovan Desmond

Donovan Desmond is the chairman of the National Unity Party of Ostania. According to the story of the anime, we get to know that Donovan Desmond is trying to disrupt the peace between two nations Ostania and Westails. Desmond never appeared as of now. But we know that he is quite powerful that’s why Twilight can’t kill him directly. Knowing how he has been described, it looks like very few people know about him. As he never appeared in anime, we do not know his true abilities. Thus he is in the fourth position on our list. At the very least, we know that he would be stronger than Franky Franklin.

3. Yuri Briar

Yuri Briar

The next person on our list is Yuri Briar, the younger brother of Yor Forger. Yuri is a normal civil servant at the foreign ministry on Surface. That’s what he wants everyone to know. But he actually works in the State Security Service and deals with foreign problems, such as catching spies, and finding and keeping an eye on suspicious people. Basically, the State Security Service maintains domestic orders. Yuri is in his Twenties. He and his sister lost their parents at an early age and they’re surviving by depending on each other. Based on the details that have been shown in anime. Yuri is scary when he interrogates people. He’s quite popular in the organization for his flawless and successful work

2. Yor Forger

Yor Forger

Yor Forger aka Yor Briar is the wife of Loid Forger and the only sister of Yuri Briar. Just like her brother, she also has a secret. On the surface, she works as an ordinary clerk at Berlint City Hall. But she is actually an assassin with the code name “Thorn Princess”. She married Loid Forger so that she can keep working as an assassin. She’s 27 years old and can’t do normal house chores and cooking. She may not do normal house chores or cook but she can kill her targets swiftly. Thus she got herself the title “Thorn Princess”. She’s been doing her assassination work for over 10 years, you can guess how strong she is to survive 10 years doing this job. Thus she is in second place.

1. Twilight / Loid Forger

Loid Forger

Twilight aka Loid Forger is undoubtedly the strongest character as of the end of Spy x Family part 1. His main weapon is his intelligence. That’s the part where Twilight becomes stronger than his wife Yor Forger. Other than his intelligence, he is an expert in hand-to-hand combats, he is fast, his senses are extremely sensitive, he has super endurance, and his tactic skills are great. I guess these are enough reasons to put Twilight in the first place and the best reason for being the strongest character is his super cute daughter Anya and his sexy wife Yor Forger. Jokes apart, Twilight is the strongest character till now. He is strong because has a reason to fight and keep peace in the world. He suffered so much in his childhood and after joining the organization, he swore that no one should suffer as much as he did.


The strong characters are not always based on their raw strength. You need to see another perspective too. For example, Yor is stronger than Loid but in terms of intelligence, Loid is miles ahead. On top of it, Loid also has other things like tactics, disguise, and many others that can put Yor at a disadvantage. So we make the ranking based on their overall abilities not only their strength. That’s the reason Anya is not featured here. Also, Some characters are already seen but have not shown their true powers. That’s the reason they are not on the list. Anyway, they are the top 5 strongest characters I know. Let me know if you find someone else in the comment section below.

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