The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 5 Release Date

The Detective Is Already Dead is one of the popular ongoing anime right now. It’s the only ongoing anime whose story will become more complex. People won’t understand the story until they watch it attentively. It can be the only anime after Detective Conan which has a story of a detective. It also has a different approach in the beginning. You can learn more from The Detective Is Already Dead Review. For now let’s look at The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 5.

The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 4 Release Date

Now let’s talk about the release date of the anime itself. The third episode just hit the internet and people are already waiting for the fourth episode. Fortunately, Funimation and ENGI studio already revealed the date of the upcoming episode. Episode 5 will come on 1st August 2021 though it can vary with your timezone. So here is the exact time of some specific nations.

CountryDate & Time
India (IST)7.00 PM, 1st August (Sunday)
United States (Central)8.30 PM, 1st August (Sunday)
Australia (ACST)11.00 PM, 1st August (Sunday)
UK (BST)2.30 PM, 1st August (Sunday)
Pacific Time (PDT)6.30 AM, 1st August (Sunday)

How To Watch Detective Is Already Dead Episode 5

If you’re from Asian region, you’re very lucky. You can watch The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 5 on Muse Asia YouTube channel for free. If you’re from European of American continent, you need to get a Funimation subscription to watch it. Although you can use VPN and connect to any asian country and watch the anime for free.

Previous Episode Recap

In episode 4 Yui Saikawa, an idol approaches Kimihiko Kimizuka and Natsunagi Nagisa for a case. Kimihiko rejects the case, saying he is not the legendary detective. On the other hand, Natsunagi Nagisa accepts the case and claims herself to be the legendary detective. From this moment, they start to investigate the case. She performs on stage. The case is about a sapphire necklace that belongs to Yui’s family. Lately she gets a threat letter. The letter contains the stealing of the sapphire necklace on the day of her performance. That’s why she hires them. But the table turns when Kimihiko discovers that Yui is lying. Soon after that, Kimihiko finds out that the main target is Yui herself. After that, he saves him and it is revealed that Yui is forced to help SPES in the operation to Kill Kimihiko and Natsunagi.

Final Words

The Detective Is Already Dead is a good anime and it’s taking pace also. People on social media are already talking about the anime and newcomers asking if they should watch it or not. Most of the weebs are recommending it also. So now you can see why people are searching for the next episode release date.

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