7 Things People Like About Anime

Many people think that anime is just an animation style of Japan which is true in a sense. When people actually watch anime, they realize that this is not just an animated show for kids and anime is also available for adults. Surely, there is a huge fan base of anime whom we call otaku or weeb. They have their own community. If you look deep into anime, you will find a variety of categories. It has action, drama, comedy and many more other things. Every category has its own characteristics. Thus you can find many common grounds in the same category of anime despite the story being completely different. So here are some common things that people love about anime.

Things I Like About Anime

1. Addiction

Having addiction in anything is not a good thing. If you see it through anime, it is a little bit different. Don’t you feel that you want to see more episodes of your favorite anime after the ending even it is ended there or the next season will come after 1 year? You know there are other anime shows of the same category available but you still want to continue watching this season. You may love this thing about the anime also as you were also here in this position once.

2. Feelings

The feelings and emotions you get in the anime, you may find it in other entertainment categories as well. But the way anime represents the feelings consistently, others can’t do the same thing as anime. Sometimes they also take shortcuts, for example, shouting before powering up, giving cool names to their moves, and the villain showing how dangerous he/she is by explaining his or her powers. These examples are what I call shortcuts.

3. Animation

Anything is possible in anime. What do you need first to create some epic scenes? The answer is the idea. All you need to do is imagining. For reference, see the dragon ball anime series, the destruction levels are on the next level. If any live adaptation movie tries to implement that in their movies, it will almost be impossible for them as it will cost way more than anime and other live-action movies. So the anime has no limit for the authors. They can think and create almost anything they imagine without any worries about animation.

4. Episode Duration

Most of the movies and web series are almost close to an hour or longer. But an anime episode is 20 minutes long on average if you cut the intro outro part. Thus you can watch almost three or more episodes in the same time frame of any web series or movie.

5. Subtitles

Subtitles are generally available in the original Japanese language. When you are watching anime with subtitles, you are constantly reading the subtitles in your brain. Somehow you also insert some of your feelings via the dialogues, mostly in emotional scenes. Everyone is different in speed and reading the subtitles. When you’re reading it, you almost put a feeling into your reading thus it helps you to understand the scene in your own way. This is not possible in English dubbed anime as you need to take whatever the voice actor says no matter how punctual the scene is.

6. Diversity

The anime is pretty diverse. Like there are anime for almost all kinds of categories. If you want to watch only action anime, you can find them. The same goes for romantic and comedy categories. Many anime watchers only recommend obvious anime like Attack on Titan, Death Note, Naruto, and many others. This is what I call the starter pack. But there are lots of other anime also. If you don’t like the starter pack, there are lots of options available for you.

7. Further Story

Anime is always generally good. Because the anime is based on its manga. If the manga is not good enough, there will no anime of that specific manga. The manga authors work really hard to create a good story for the manga and draw it. Then they contact the publishers and the manga comes. When the manga sales are good enough, the anime adaptions come. So the anime becomes famous also. But this is not true for all anime. There are some certain anime that are not popular whereas their manga is very popular. It happens due to the poor animation or the anime didn’t adapt the manga story correctly. Most of the time, the anime can’t adapt the exact story as written in the manga because of time, budget, and other various reasons.

There are times when you’re eager to know the upcoming story of an anime but the next will come after a year. The simple solution is to read the manga You can rarely find this luxury anywhere else. But there are some anime that are based on games and light novels. 

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Final Verdict

These are the things people like about anime. It is all the natural things that I experienced myself. You may find some common grounds also. Anime has a range of varieties. These are some things that people love the anime and some of the points are the reasons for the anime being famous.

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