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We are actively searching for a talented script writer to become an integral part of our creative team Anidiction & Anime LLC. If you have a deep appreciation for the power of words, a knack for crafting compelling narratives, and a meticulous eye for detail, we want you to be part of our team.

As a script writer, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the stories that drive our content. Your ability to refine scripts, ensuring clarity, coherence, and engagement, will be essential to our success. Whether it’s fine-tuning dialogue for a video script, perfecting the narration for a podcast, or crafting persuasive content for marketing materials, your expertise in script editing will be a driving force behind our storytelling.

If you are passionate about the written word, dedicated to producing top-notch content, and eager to collaborate with a dynamic team of creatives, we encourage you to apply. Your contributions as a script editor will help us deliver impactful narratives that resonate with our audience.

Join us in the exciting journey of creating meaningful content that captivates, informs, and inspires. Let your editing prowess shine as you help us craft stories that leave a lasting impression

Read all requirements carefully before applying.


The scriptwriter should have watched at least four famous anime series, which may include any combination of the following:

  • Efficient management of time to meet project deadlines
  • The scriptwriter should have the ability to write in an engaging and fun way, incorporating humor and jokes when appropriate
  • Word Limit – 180 words. Make sure to cover up all the topics within the word limit.

Make sure that you have apt knowledge of anime and manga both as it will help us to create more great content.

Writing Instructions

The writer is expected to create two short scripts. One of these scripts should be based on one of the following four anime series:

  • chainsaw man manga
  • one punch man manga
  • dragon ball series
  • Kingdom of ruins
  • Mashle: magic & muscles
  • boruto manga
  • black clover
  • tonikawa etc


Here are some ideas to write. Writers are free to choose their unique topics

  • Why did Chloe adopted Adonis? [Kingdom of Ruins]
  • Why witches can’t give birth? [Mashle: Magic and Muscle]
  • Who is the Otsutsuki God in Boruto? [Boruto]
  • Why Nayuta couldn’t use her full power? [Chainsaw Man]
  • Which Anime Protagonist Can Defeat Saitama? [One Punch Man]
  • Did Tsukasa Really Come from the Moon? [Tonikaku Kawaii]

Example Scripts

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