World Trigger Watch Order Guide

World Trigger Watch order is here. If you’re having problems figuring out which episode of which season you need to watch first. You may also wonder what is the correct watch order of world trigger anime. So here’s the solution how to watch the world trigger anime in the correct order.

How To Watch World Trigger :

world trigger watch order

You can watch world trigger anime online by taking various OTT subscriptions. Some of these OTT platforms give you access to download the anime and watch it offline in its own app.

World Trigger Release Order :

World Trigger TV Series :

  • World Trigger
    • Season 1 (2014 – 16)
    • Season 2 (2021)
    • Season 3 (2021) (ongoing)

World Trigger Story Arcs :

Like most famous anime word trigger anime has a different story arc. Here is the comprehensive guide of world trigger arcs.

  • Introduction arc (episodes 1 – 8)
  • Black Trigger Capture arc (episodes 9 – 16)
  • Border Enlistment arc (episodes 17 – 21)
  • Large Scale Invasion arc (episodes 22 – 37)
  • B-Rank Rank Battles arc (episodes 38 – 48)
  • Fugitive arc (anime exclusive arc) (episodes 49 – 63)
  • B-Rank Rank Battles arc (episodes 64 – 73) (continued)
  • Galopoula Invasion arc (episodes 73 – 77)
  • B-Rank Rank Battles arc – Part II (episodes 77 – 87)
  • Expedition Selection Exam arc (episode 88 – ongoing)

World Trigger Chronological Order :

For the time being, world trigger do not have any OVA or special. But in the future, if world trigger anime gets any ova or specials we will update the world trigger watch order guide.

  • World Trigger Season 1 (TV Series)
  • World Trigger Season 2 (TV Series)
  • World Trigger Season 3 (TV Series)

About World Trigger Anime :

World Trigger also known in short form as WorTri is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Daisuke Ashihara. It was initially serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from February 2013 to November 2018 and transferred to Jump Square in December 2018. Its chapters have been compiled by Shueisha into 24 tankōbon volumes as of December 2021. In North America, the manga has been licensed for English release by Viz Media.

World Trigger Plot :

When a gate to another world suddenly opens on Earth, Mikado City is invaded by strange creatures known as “Neighbors,” malicious beings impervious to traditional weaponry. In response to their arrival, an organization called the Border Defense Agency has been established to combat the Neighbor menace through special weapons called “Triggers.” Even though several years have passed after the gate first opened, Neighbors are still a threat and members of Border remain on guard to ensure the safety of the planet.

Despite this delicate situation, members-in-training, such as Osamu Mikumo, are not permitted to use their Triggers outside of headquarters. But when the mysterious new student in his class is dragged into a forbidden area by bullies, they are attacked by Neighbors, and Osamu has no choice but to do what he believes is right. Much to his surprise, however, the transfer student Yuuma Kuga makes short work of the aliens, revealing that he is a humanoid Neighbor in disguise.

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