Freezing Anime Complete Watch Order Guide

Freezing is a multi seasoned anime with specials and ova episodes. So here’s the complete Freezing anime watch order guide that you don’t have any confusion to watch it.

Freezing Plot

In 2065, Earth is in the middle of a war with extra-dimensional aliens called Nova. The military develops and trains Pandoras, girls who are able to use special genetic tissue called Stigmata to manifest superhuman fighting skills and weapons. Supporting the Pandoras are male partners called Limiters, who use special “freezing” powers to limit their opponent’s mobility.

About Freezing Anime

Freezing anime is based on it’s manga written by Dall-Young Lim. The manga was published in January 2007 and it’s still ongoing. It got a total of 33 volumes. After four years of manga release the anime adaptation finally came in March 2011. The anime has half nude scenes and sexual acts also. Thus, there are two versions, censored and uncensored. The uncensored version was aired on AT-X and the rest channels aired the censored version.

Freezing Anime

Freezing Anime Seasons & Specials List

There are a total of two seasons in Freezing anime and both seasons have special episodes.

Freezing Season List

  1. Freezing (2011)
  2. Freezing Vibration (2013)

Freezing Specials List

  1. Freezing Specials (2011)
  2. Freezing Vibration Specials (2013)

Freezing Anime Watch Order

Here’s Freezing chronological watch order to enjoy Freezing anime without missing any part.

1. Freezing

  • Type: Anime TV series
  • Release Year: January 8, 2011 to April 7, 2011
  • Episodes: 12
  • English Dubbed Available: Yes
  • MyAnimeList Rating: 6.84

2. Freezing Specials

  • Type: Specials
  • Release Year: March 30, 2011 to August 24, 2011
  • Episodes: 6
  • English Dubbed Available: Yes
  • MyAnimeList Rating: 6.58

3. Freezing Vibration

  • Type: Anime TV series
  • Release Year: October 4, 2013 to December 20, 2013
  • Episodes: 12
  • English Dubbed Available: Yes
  • MyAnimeList Rating: 6.76

4. Freezing Vibration

  • Type: Specials
  • Release Year: December 25, 2013 to May 28, 2014
  • Episodes: 6
  • English Dubbed Available: Yes
  • MyAnimeList Rating: 6.48

Where Can You Watch Freezing Anime?

Freezing anime is widely available on almost every platform. Here’s the list of the platforms where Freezing is available. All these platforms have the uncensored version so you won’t miss anything in the anime

Freezing Season 3 Release Date

Naturally the uncensored anime or the anime which are ecchi grabs more attention but sometimes they failed to provide a proper story. It happened with Freezing anime. Despite having a good story in manga, the anime adaptation is more like a fast forward thing. Thus the manga readers are having problem to understand the anime. Other than this, the anime performed average in myanimelist ratings. Because of the story mess, the Freezing anime season 3 is likely to happen. Still the studio didn’t cancel the show officially. So we may still have Freezing anime season 3 if the creator wants it. The probability will go up if the manga sales are good.

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