Attack On Titan Watch Order

Attack On Titan is considered to be on the hit anime list. There are very few anime in its era that gained popularity like it. Attack on Titan has a huge fanbase across the world. This anime is also in the anime starter pack. Attack On Titan is surely famous but it can be confusing for new viewers as it has four seasons and many OVA series. This makes many people confused. They always fear that they may have missed something. For that thing, you can follow this Attack On Titan watch order to watch the show freely. So before going into the watch order let’s sort the TV series and OVAs first.

Eren Yeager - Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan TV Series, Movies & OVAs List

There are a total of four seasons, four movies, and 8 OVAs. Here’s the list given below.

TV Series

  1. Attack on Titan Season 1 (2013)
  2. Attack on Titan Season 2 (2017)
  3. Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 1 (2018)
  4. Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 (2019)
  5. Attack on Titan Final Season Part 1 (2020)


  1. Attack On Titan: Ilse’s Notebook: Record of a Fallen Soldier (2013)
  2. Attack On Titan: A Sudden Visitor: The Torturous Curse of Adolescence (2014)
  3. Attack On Titan: Distress (2014)
  4. Attack On Titan: A Choice with No Regrets: Part One (2014)
  5. Attack On Titan: A Choice with No Regrets: Part Two (2015)
  6. Attack On Titan: Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part One (2017)
  7. Attack On Titan: Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part Two (2018)
  8. Attack On Titan: Lost in the cruel world (2018)


  • Attack on Titan: Crimson Bow and Arrow (2014)
  • Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom (2015)
  • Attack on Titan Season 2 Movie: Kakusei no Houkou (2018)
  • Attack on Titan: Chronicle (2020)

Spin-Off Series

Attack on Titan: Junior High (2015)

Attack On Titan Watch Order

Attack On Titan is truly one of the best anime you can find out. However, the watch order may be a little complicated. So here’s the watch order of Attack On Titan given below.

  1. Attack on Titan Season 1 (TV Series)
  2. Attack on Titan: Ilse’s Notebook (OVA)
  3. Attack on Titan: The Sudden Visitor: The Torturous Curse of Youth (OVA)
  4. Attack on Titan: Distress (OVA)
  5. Attack on Titan Season 2 (TV Series)
  6. Attack on Titan: Lost Girls: Episodes 1 and 2 (OVA)
  7. Attack on Titan Season 3: Episodes 1-12 (TV Series)
  8. Attack on Titan: No Regrets: Episodes 1 and 2 (OVA)
  9. Attack on Titan: Lost Girls: Episode 3 (OVA)
  10. Attack on Titan: Junior High (OVA)
  11. Attack on Titan Season 3: Episodes 13 – End (TV Series)
  12. Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 1
  13. Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 (TV series yet to be released)


Should You Skip OVA Episodes?

The OVA episodes are like bonus episodes with some extra story. The stories in OVAs are available in the original manga also and you can count them as canon. You should watch the OVAs as it gives you some extra content to watch. On the other side, the stories are not important so you can skip them. The OVA episodes serve as little bonus clips to the already hit show.

Should You Skip Attack On Titan Movies?

Unlike OVAs which has a bit of canon story, the movie is completely the opposite. The movies are the recaps of TV series. Because of the story pace in the movie, the character developments are negligible compared to the TV series. If you have watched the TV series, you can skip them without thinking twice.

Are There Any Filler Episodes In Attack On Titan?

Fortunately, there are no filler episodes in Attack On Titan so none of the episodes in TV series are skippable. Honestly, most of the big anime like Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail have filler episodes. AOT (Attack On Titan) is one of the few anime which has no filler episodes.

Is The Story In Attack On Titan Completed?

The story is not completed on anime yet. However, the manga has concluded with 34 volumes on 9th April 2021.

What is Attack On Titan Junior High?

Attack On Titan Junior High is a parody of the main show. It’s mostly based on comedy scenes and some scenes have taken inspiration from the main TV series.

Where Can You Watch Attack On Titan Anime?

Attack On Titan is available on many platforms. You may not have to buy any other OTT subscription if you have any subscription plan of Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Adult Swim.

Please note that some platforms may not be available in your country or the particular show is not available in your country so make sure to check the availability before taking subscription.

Attack On Titan Final Season Part 2 Release Date

Attack On Titan final season part 2 has already been announced. The anime is expected to release in early 2022. This will conclude the story of the anime as the manga is already finished.

About Anime

Attack On Titan is a Japanese shounen manga series written by Hajime Isayama, published by Kodansha. The manga started publishing on 9th September 2009 and it ended on 9th April 2021. In December 2019, Kodansha sold over 100 million Attack On Titan manga copies worldwide. The anime adaptation came on 7th April 2013. Wit Studio produced it’s 60 episodes and currently Mappa studio has taken the production season 4 onwards.

Attack On Titan Plot

The plot of Attack on Titan centers on a civilization inside three walls, the last location where humans still live. Over one hundred years ago, humanity was driven to the brink of extinction after the emergence of humanoid giants called Titans, who attack and eat humans on sight. The last remnants of humanity retreated behind three concentric walls and enjoyed nearly a century of peace. To combat Titans, the country’s military employs Vertical Maneuvering Equipment, a set of waist-mounted grappling hooks and gas-powered propulsion enabling immense mobility in three dimensions.

The story mainly focuses on Eren Yeager (protagonist) who was living a normal life until a Titan invaded his house and ate his mother. After that, he swore to take revenge on her mother’s dead.

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