The Detective Is Already Dead – Return Of Siesta

The Detective Is Already Dead anime is getting interesting day by day. Yesterday, the 11th episode of this anime was aired on Muse Asia and Funimation. The previous episode left us in a suspense. This episode clears all the suspense of the previous episode but it has created another suspense. Here’s what happened in the 11th episode.

Previous Episode

In the previous episode we saw Saikawa, Natsunagi and Kimizuka went on a cruise together to enjoy the summer. Kimizuka got a shocking reunion with Char who used to be Siesta’s disciple in a sense. After that, Char told him that there was someone who can inherit Siesta’s detective work or something like that regarding her work. At the end of the episode, Natsunagi got kidnapped and couldn’t be found on the ship neither the kidnapper. But further incidents reveal that it was Chamelion who actually kidnapped Natsunagi. Chamelion made her hostage and because she has Siesta’s heart. The episode ends with the gunfire by Kimizuka.

Siesta In Natsunagi's Body

Battle Between Char, Kimizuka & Chamelion

In the start of episode 11, Kimizuka saves Natsunagi with his brilliant work by putting himself forward as a bait. As we know Chamelion is not a human, we actually see his original form. Kimizuka tries to fight by himself but he can’t defeat him on his own. Char comes to help. After a few moments later, a flashback scene appeared where Kimizuka and Siesta talking with each other.

Shocking Return of Siesta

The most surprising moment of this episode is the return of Siesta. When she was fighting against Hel, Siesta’s heart was taken by Hel. It looked like Hel won but the opposite happened here. Siesta’s consciousness took over Hel’s body. According to the story, her heart was built or made different from others. Siesta actually anticipated that it would happen one day. Furthermore, Siesta also explains that her consciousness along with Hel’s one will vanish from the body, and Alicia’s consciousness will only remain but she won’t remember anything that happened with her. Kimizuka also forgets about this incident because of the smell of a flower that bloomed on the monster’s dead body. After this, the story moves on and at the end of the episode, we see the shocking return of Siesta in Natsunagi’s body.

The story indeed took an unexpected turn with the arrival of Siesta but it was expected though. Because she is the main character of the show and her flashback appearance almost covers half of every episode. Besides, no one can beat SPES other than Siesta herself. But at the same time, it may be a temporary comeback as the body and the consciousness belongs to Natsunagi Nagisa who happens to Alicia also. Let’s see where the story goes next.

Where To Watch The Detective Is Already Dead Anime

The Detective Is Already Dead is available on several platforms. If you’re from the Asian continent, you can watch it on the Muse Asia Youtube channel legally. Other than this, you can watch it on Funimation wherever it is available. The subscription thing is pretty annoying in the anime field as you can’t find all anime on one platform. You need to buy either multiple subscriptions or a solid VPN service that can give access to a region where it is available.

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