The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 5 Review

The Detective Is Already Dead is one of the famous ongoing anime. The anime gained a lot of attraction recently. Episode 5 is released and people are already waiting for the sixth episode. So let’s see what happened in the episode.

The Detective Is Already Dead Plane Scene

About The Anime

For those who don’t know about The Detective Is Already Dead anime, This anime is about a girl and her assistant fighting against an organization named SPES. The name of the girl is Siesta and her assistant’s name is Kimihiko Kimizuka. Siesta is pretty intelligent and her assistant Kimizuka is also intelligent but not as intelligent as Siesta. Siesta is also known as ‘the legendary detective’. But unfortunately, she dies in the first episode of the show. Later she appears in further episodes but they are only fillers. That’s the name of the show is The Detective Is Already Dead. You can know more about the anime when you read The Detective Is Already review.

Episode 4 Recap

In the previous episode, we see Kimihiko solving Yui’s case and some back story of Siesta. They also came to know that the fake eye of Yui is actually something that SPES wants. That’s why they targeted her and forced her to work with them to kill Kimihiko and Natsunagi. Kimihiko convinced Yui to work with them.

Episode 5 Review

The 5th episode is all about a flashback scene. The episode starts on a beach where Siesta and Kimihiko having some fun. After that, they go to investigate a dead body. They find out that the dead body has no heart. They further investigate and find out that an android named Cerberus is the one doing this. Later a chief named Hel appears and kidnaps Kimihiko. Later she tells that she has a book that can tell the future. Later Siesta interferes and saves Kimihiko. You can know more when you will watch it.

Episode 6 Release Date

The anime is ongoing at the time I’m writing the post. So the next episode should come on next Sunday however it depends on your timezone also.

The Detective Is Already Dead is a good anime to watch. The anime keeps getting more popular after each episode releases. Till now the anime is pretty popular because it’s story.

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