The Case Study Of Vanitas Episode 11 – Promises

The Case Study of Vanitas episode 11 is kind of funny and dark at the same time. The episode reveals some shocking information about Jeanne and Lord Ruthven. The full episode is almost focused on Jeanne, Vanitas, and Lord Ruthven.

A Funny Romantic Date Turns Into A Dreadful Moment

The episode starts with Vanitas meeting Jeanne on street. After that, she asks him for a date. It was a surprise for a moment for viewers but after that, we saw a flashback of Jeanne talking with Dominque. Jeanne asked her how she can make Vanitas hate him. Dominique remembered Noe telling her that Vanitas hates people who love him. So hearing this from Dominique, Jeanne decides to pretend that she loves Vanitas in order to make him hate her. Thus she asked him for the date. Surprisingly Vanitas agrees to go on a date with him. After that, she saw a soft side of Vanitas and fell for him.

The date was going well but not so long. Jeanne sees a child bleeding from his toes. She can’t stop her thrust for blood and attacks him. Luckily Vanitas saves him and with the help of Dante, they escape. Later on, he asks Jeanne again if she is a curse bearer or not. After that, we also see a shadow in memories. The shadow almost looked like Lord Ruthven.

Lord Ruthven Attacking Noe

Lord Ruthven Attacking Noe

Vanitas and Jeanne are on a date meanwhile Noe is still in bed. Lord Ruthven suddenly appeared in his room. After that, they went downstairs and start a conversation on various topics like vanitas and Noe’s teacher. In the middle of the discussion, Ruthven asks Noe what are vampires and humans to him? Whom he gives more priority? Noe gives a direct answer that he does not care at all if someone is a vampire or a human. He treats them by their behavior and nature. After hearing that, Ruthven attacks and starts sucking his blood.  When Lord Ruthven was first introduced, he didn’t look like he was a bad guy. But this episode reveals some details of Ruthven. Though we saw an angry look on his face previously, this time he took things a little further by attacking Neo. Ruthven seemed to look like a decent guy when he was first introduced in Alter Paris.

After these incidents, we are yet to see if Lord Ruthven is the actual villain or this is just an act he is playing. There is a high chance that he can be a villain as we saw Jeanne’s flashback memory. He can also be the man behind Charlatan because we have not seen him appearing when Charlatan attacked the party. There is a possibility of Lord Ruthven being a villain. 

Where to Watch The Case Study Of Vanitas?

Vanitas No Carte aka The Case Study Of Vanitas is available on Funimation and Hulu. You can check their website for more info. If it is not available in your region, you can use VPN and take their subscription to watch the anime.

The Case Study Of Vanitas is getting interesting day by day. The fog is getting clear as the new episodes are coming. When the anime started, there was not much information about Vanitas and other characters, now everything is getting clear after each episode releases.

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