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Mushoku Tensei has got pretty interesting. Musoku Tensei episode 15 aka S2 ep4 is out. This episode shows the beast people village, Doldia or Dorudia. Rudeus and Eris spent almost three months there because of the rainy season they could not go out of the village. This episode is titled “Laid-Back Life at the Doldia Village”. After the sad ending of episode 14, we see some sort of happiness this time.

Previous Episode

Previously, the third episode showed a great fight between Gallus and Rudeus. Though Rudeus needed help to defeat Gallus, Rudeus still proved to be stronger than before as defeating a north-style sword user is not a joke. The episode cleared the confusion of missing Ruijerd and Eris. At the end of the episode, Rudeus got free and all confusions are cleared.

Mushoku Tensei Episode 4 Summary

Episode 4 of Mushoku Tensei is rather peaceful than the previous one. It starts with Rudeus peeping on Eris and the other two beast girls who are bathing. Gyes catches him doing that and Rudeus has to apologize because of peeping Gyes’ daughter Tona. The intro also starts with the rain. We also got to know why Rudeus and others stayed three months in the Doldia village. During this time, Eris decides to teach Tonia, the daughter of Gyes swordsmanship on behalf of her request. Later a shocking detail comes to the light. Ghislaine also belongs to the village and she is the sister of Gyes. She left the village and her brother could not care less about her. According to Gyes, Ghislaine was a vicious and wild child. She could not even swing the sword. After hearing this, Rudeus and Eris also share their thoughts on Ghislaine.

As soon as the rain stops, Rudeus, Eris, and Ruijerd leave the place. Eris promises to come back to the village once everything is resolved. After that, their journey to reach Fittoa continues. On the way to the journey, the prisoner who cheated in the dice game also fled and joined Rudeus. He explains the seven strongest powers also. Those are 

  1. Technique God
  2. Dragon God
  3. Fighting God
  4. Demon God
  5. Death God
  6. Sword God
  7. North God

This is the current ranking of the seven strongest powers in Mushoku Tensei. Unfortunately, the top 4 of the great superpowers are still alive.

Next Episode

Paul Greyrat First Look
Paul Greyrat First Look

As soon as the episode ended, most of the people may have closed the video. If you’re some of those people who watched the intro till the last moment, you know the upcoming episode title. It says “A Quarrel Between Parent and Child”. The best part is we saw Paul Greyrat (Rudeus’ father) and Sylphy in the outro. The title suggests that there will be a quarrel between parent and child. So after observing it, I think we are going to see a conflict between Rudeus and Paul.

Sylphy Another Look

Sylphy Another Look

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