First Look Of Sylphy – Mushoku Tensei 2nd Season

After each episode of Mushoku Tensei, it keeps getting more interesting. The third episode is no joke either. This episode reveals the aftermath of Mana Calamity in Fittoa. Sauros Boreas Greyrat has been held responsible for his actions and there are many other things that have happened in this episode.

Last Episode summary

In the second episode of Mushoku Tensei, we saw that the dead end party having trouble hiring a ship as it is too expensive. Meanwhile, Rudeus got the eye of foresight from the conqueror of Demons. After few incidents, Rudeus, Ruijerd, and Eris got a smuggler who helped them to board a ship. Later they found out that the smugglers kidnapped some beast children to sell them to nobles. On the other side, Ruijerd who was a way to get on the ship for Rudeus and Eris, decided to help the beast children. They rescued the children and Rudeus went down to save the big dog that he saw earlier at the request of the kidnapped children. At this moment the people of the beast race came and considered Rudeus to be the criminal.

Present Situation

Gallus Look In Beast Village

Due to the allegations, Rudeus has been imprisoned. Not only that he is imprisoned but also his clothes have been stripped off. A lady comes every day and pours cold water on him. After one week, another prisoner named Geese comes because of doing cheating in a dice game. Afterward, We see Gallus the smuggler who helped Rudeus to cross the sea, comes back to kidnap some more beast children. The situation gets even worse as the attackers start killing the people. In this hurry, Rudeus unlocks the prison and decides to make a run. Because of some reason, he decides to help the beast race people fighting against the attackers. Somehow they have defeated the Gallus and his companions. After the fierce battle, Rudeus goes unconscious. When he comes back to his senses he sees Eris and Ruijerd along with other beast race people.

The Return Of Sylphy

Sylphy First Look Mushoku Tensei Season 2

If you have read the manga, you may have noticed Sylphy already. If you have not noticed her yet, here’s something you need to know. When the scenery moves from Rudeus to Eris’ grandfather Sauros Boreas Greyrat, we see a bunch of nobles and lords along with Sylphy. At the end of the episode, Sauros Boreas Greyrat has been executed because he didn’t take any action in the Mana Calamity. It surely looked suspicious also like the way Sauros reacted. The episode ended with the death of Sauros.


The third episode went smoothly. We also see a funny side of Rudeus also. Obviously, there was a shocking moment also when Gallus turned out to be the North Saint Class Sword user. It is also the first powerful enemy Rudeus encounter ever since Eris’ kidnapping incident. Gallus was surely a strong opponent. Rudeus had a hard time fighting the person and he even hesitated to fight in the first place. But still, there are questions that are lingering in people’s minds.


Why Rudeus was captured naked in the first place?

When the beast race people came, they only saw Rudeus who was playing with a big dog. This big dog turned out to be the sacred beast of the beast people village. They thought that Rudeus is trying to do some sexual act with the sacred beast thus he was captured naked and showered with the cold water every day.

Why did Rudeus Hesitate to fight Gallus?

If you have watched Mushoku Tensei closely, you may have noticed that Rudeus is just a normal person like us who used to live their normal days. But he got reincarnated in a different world with a different body but from the inside, he is still a Japanese NEET who is not a fighter or something. On top of it, he always overestimates his opponents and he is just a normal person from the inside. This was the same scenario. Hearing that Gallus is a north saint class sword user and on the top of it, he has a hostage, Rudeus hesitated to fight him.

Why Sauros Was Executed?

Sauros has been executed because of political reasons. If you watched the previous episodes, Rudeus had to hide his Greyrat identity because of some political reasons. Rudeus and his father, Paul belong to the Notos family which is one of the fourth big branches of Greyrat family. Notos and Boreas family has some political issues with each other and the outsiders were constantly trying to dethrone Sauros from his position. It seems they found the Mana calamity as an opportunity to take down Sauros.

The fourth episode is set to release on 24th October Sunday On Muse Aisa. The European and American people can watch it on Funimation.

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