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Test Your Whiteout Survival Knowledge

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Which hero can tame animals?

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In which event do you collect Orichalcum?

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In bear hunt, which hero is not suitable as a leader to join a rally?

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What's the title of level 10 troops?

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Which hero reduces the amount of stamina needed when hunting monsters and calling rallies?

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In which level facility battle can you have troop losses as well as injuries?

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Which hero launches a snow ball to freeze the opponent?

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Which Hero is best for coal gathering?

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Whiteout survival is a game growing rapidly. Since the game is becoming quite vast, the features, events and prizes are increasing too. If you think, you’re pro in this game. Take the quiz and test your knowledge.

Whiteout survival quiz


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Dylan1 minutes 39 seconds100%
Zack53 seconds87.5%
Survivor1 minutes 40 seconds62.5%
Bex 247 seconds87.5%

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