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One Punch Man Quiz

One Punch Man Season 1 & 2 MCQ Quiz

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What is the running portion of Saitama's workout routine?

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Who killed Senior Centipede?

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What Hero rank is Fubuki (Hellish Blizzard)?

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Boros is the leader of what group?

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In his fight with Boros, Saitama gets hit so hard, that he flies to ___?

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Who "Killed" Zombieman?

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What was Saitama before he became a Professional Hero?

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Who turned Genos into a cyborg?

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Which one of these is NOT a disaster threat level?

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What game did Saitama catch King playing?

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Play one punch man quiz and prove that you are a real fan of Saitama and Genos. One Punch is a widely known anime series because of its story and comedy. You can play one punch man quiz to test your knowledge about the anime. The One punch man quiz questions have varying difficulties as you move ahead in the quiz the difficulty level of questions keeps on increasing.

One Punch Man Quiz Rules :

In total there are 10 questions, each question carries one mark for the right answer and there is no negative marking for wrong selection or choice.

About One Punch Man :

One Punch Man is an action-comedy anime that tells a story about a man named Saitama who is ‘a hero just for fun in a world where monsters and heroes are quite common. He is quite overpowered and manages to kill anyone in just a single punch, which has made his life quite boring. Soon a new cyborg named Genos is introduced who is in search of another robot who destroyed his village and he later requests Saitama to become his master after seeing his strength. At first, the story sounds quite predictable and the idea of killing anyone with a single punch adds more to it.

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