Jujutsu Kaisen Ultimate Quiz For Hard Core Otakus

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the most loved anime of all time. Most anime lovers have watched this 24 episodes anime because of its awesome plot and high-quality animation. Here is jujutsu kaisen quiz which you can play to test your knowledge of jujutsu kaisen anime. if you are an anime lover then this jujutsu kaisen anime quiz is for you.

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Jujutsu Kaisen Hardest Quiz You Ever Played

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Who is the protagonist (main character) of this jujutsu kaisen anime?

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Nobara’s notorious technique is known as

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Panda is actually a/an

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Who can fight the Curses?

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What type of weapon does Nobara use to exorcise curses?

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What question does Aoi Todo ask both Yuji and Megumi to see if they're boring?

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Who is the rival school to Tokyo's Jujutsu High?

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Who is the host of Ryomen Sukuna?

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How many episodes do jujutsu kaisen anime have?

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Saturo Gojo is a teacher at


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How Jujutsu Kaisen Quiz Work ?

Jujutsu Kaisen quiz is based on jujutsu kaisen anime. This is a multiple choice quiz where you need to select one right answer out of four options. Jujutsu kaisen easy quiz is puerly based on the anime whosoever have watched the anime can easily score full in this jujutsu kaisen simple quiz.

Each question in this carries one mark and there is no negative marking for the wrong answer, which is a great advantage for you people.

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