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Welcome to Attack On Titan Quiz this is the most comprehensive and complete AOT quiz you can find on the internet. Attack On Titan is one of the most popular anime around weebs because of its storyline and animations. Here you can play aot quiz and test your knowledge about the anime. In case you have not watched the Attack On Titan all seasons yet you must watch them before attempting the quiz because it covers the whole Attack On Titan anime from season 1 to the final season part 2.

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Attack On Titan Quiz To Test Your Fan Level

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In Eldian mythology, who granted Ymir Fritz the power of the Titans?

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While in his Pure Titan form, who eats Bertholdt Hoover?

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What is the Japanese name for ‘Attack on Titan’?

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The ‘D’ in ODM gear stands for what?

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The two characters who used to hang out with Levi are Furlan Church and who else?

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The Battle of Shiganshina District took place in what year?

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How did Eren accidentally trigger his Titan transformation?

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What is the method that turns the Subjects of Ymir into Titans?

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What was the last gift that Kenny Ackermann gave to Levi?

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The 3 walls were named after which king’s daughters?

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Attack On Titan is an action, drama, and military genre anime series. It was released on Apr 7, 2013, and it’s running until now. Till now attack on titan have 4 seasons and a conclusion is yet to come in 2023. Attack on Titan anime is based on a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.

Why You Should Play Attack On Titan Anime Quiz?

Attack On Titan Quiz For Fan

Watching anime is really happening and fun activity but playing a quiz not only checks your attention level but it also increases your recall memory. Attack on Titan is not too easy and also not too hard if you have watched the whole anime you can easily give answers to all questions and can score full marks.

How To Play AOT Fan Quiz?

Aot Fan Quiz is very easy to play. You just need to follow the three simple steps given below and you are ready to rock the Attack On Titan Fan Quiz.

  1. Click On The Start Quiz Button.
  2. Select one option out of four options given there.
  3. Click On Submit Button.

WoW, with these three simple steps you have completed the aot fan quiz. After submission, you can see your score and thanks screen.

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