Tokyo Olympic Ends With LiSA’s “Gurenge” Song – Demon Slayer

After a long time, Tokyo Olympic 2020 has come to an end. The closing ceremony is pretty shocking. They played “Gurenge” by LiSA from Demon Slayer anime. Unfortunately, LiSA didn’t play the song herself. In fact, it was a ska song by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra.

Demon Slayer Gurenge Music In Tokyo Olympics 2021

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra set also included “Sukiyaki,” the Kyu Sakamoto ballad. This is the same ballad that was popular in the 1964 Olympics in Japan. The basic concept of the opening and closing ceremony is “Moving Forward”. The opening ceremony meaning is “United by Emotion” and the closing ceremony means “Worlds we share”. This was all arranged by Mr. Takayuki Hioki who runs a sports management company.

About Gurenge Song

Gurenge is the opening pop music of Demon Slayer anime performed by LiSA. The song remained as an opening song throughout the first season of Demon Slayer anime. the song was written by LiSA herself and Kayoko Kusano. Sony Music Company holds its rights.

Tokyo Olympics already featured many anime themes and songs but the closing ceremony was indeed the best one.

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