Tatami Galaxy Sequel Novel Tatami Time Machine Blues Is Getting Its Own Anime

Tatami Galaxy sequel novel Tatami Time Machine Blues is getting its own anime. Recently, Fuji TV’s official youtube channel shares a video. The video only contains an announcement of the anime adaption of the Tatami Time Machine Novel. The writer is Tomihiko Morimi who is currently writing the novel. You can check the video given below

It is reported that Shingo Natsume is going to direct this anime. He also directed some famous anime like One Punch Man and Space Dandy. He is also working on Sonny Boy anime. The good news is the former crew members are returning to work on this. The scriptwriter, Makoto Ueda and character designer, Yuusuke Nakamura are returning.

tatami time machine blues

The Tatami Galaxy is getting its sequel almost after a decade. The release date of the anime is not out yet. But we can expect it to fall in late 2021 or in early 2022. The original novel came in 2005, published by Ohta Publishing. Nakamura illustrated the cover page. The anime adaption of the novel came in April 2010.

In the Tatami Time Machine novel, the story follows The Tatami Galaxy protagonist’s trouble-making friend Ozu gets a student apartment’s only remote control into water. Other students are wondering what to do the remaining days of summer. They make a plan with Akashi. after some further incidents, the protagonist travels back in time to retrieve the remote before it breaks.

So after a decade, The Tatami Galaxy is getting a sequel. The previous anime only had total 11 episodes. Let’s see how many episodes the sequel gets.

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