Prince of Tennis 3D CG Film Clip Features Sakuno’s Musical Duet

The production of Ryōma! Shinsei Gekijōban Tennis no Ōji-sama aka Ryōma! Rebirth: The Prince of Tennis Movie, streamed a clip from the film on their official website. The clip features Ryōma Echizen and Sakuno Ryūzaki dueting to the song “peace of mind Hoshi no Uta o Kikinagara” (While Listening to the Song of the Stars). The film is set to release in Japan on September 3. It will play in 2 versions when it hits the theatres since some scenes are different to run the story parallelly to each other.


 The story in the ‘Decide’ version revolves around Seigaku team captain Kunimitsu Tezuka and Rikkai team captain Seiichi Yukimura, while the “Glory” version revolves around the Hyōtei team captain Keigo Atobe and Shitenhōji team captain Kuranosuke Shiraishi. The Story starts with Ryōma, the main lead,  arriving in the United States who finds Sakuno Ryūzaki being bullied by a “tennis gang”. Ryōma swings a ball at them to help Sakuno instead he ends up hitting a ball tossed by an unknown man in a wheelchair.

At this moment, Ryōma and Sakuno mysteriously get pulled back in time to the time when Ryōma’s father Nanjiro was still playing in America as “Samurai Nanjiro”. The film features a completely original story that takes place in the three-month time period which takes place between the two mangas.


The previously revealed cast members for the film include

The other new cast members include:

  • Shunsuke Takeuchi as Boo
  • Tomokazu Sugita as Wolf
  • Ryota Takeuchi as Foo

Production Team

  • Director – Hiroshi Koujina (2011 Hunter × Hunter, Kiba)
  • Distributor – GAGA  
  • Studio – The Monk Studios and Keica with cooperation by Studio KAI
  • Script – Takehiko Hata (Lupin III: Goodbye Partner)
  • CG Supervisor – Patricia Hishikawa 
  • Animation Director – Kei Yoshimizu 
  • CG director – Momoko Yamada 
  • Sound Director – Takeshi Takadera 
  • Music Composer – Kei Tsuda

And finally, the Original manga creator Takeshi Konomi himself is writing all the insert songs for the film. The characters will rap in the film, with lyrics written by Konomi himself.

This year, The New Prince of Tennis: Hyotei vs Rikkai Game of Future anime project streamed in two parts. The first part streamed on February 13, and the second part streamed on April 17.

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