Muse Asia Has Blocked Devil Is Part-Timer In Some Countries

Devil Is A Part-timer is a quite popular anime to watch. Recently it was available on the Muse Asia Youtube channel for free. But for some reason, Muse Communications blocks this anime in some countries. This means the people of those countries can’t watch Devil Is A Part-Timer anime in that area.

Muse Asia only said

“We have some sad news πŸ˜”γ€ŠThe Devil is a Part-Timer!》 will no longer be available for viewers in the following regions: India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan”

source – muse asia community post

Back in August 2021, Muse Asia starts streaming Devil Is A Part-Timer. However, it blocks this anime in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bhutan. If you look closely, it is only blocked in some south Asian countries. The reason has not been given by the company but you can expect it to be some licensing issue or other OTT platforms already streaming it. As far as we know all know Devil Is A Part-timer is not available on any other OTT platforms at all.

The anime used to be available in the Japanese language with English subtitles. However the dubbed version wasn’t available in these countries. Devil Is A Part-timer season two is already scheduled to air in July 2022. But we still don’t know if Devil Is A Part-Timer Season 2 where you can watch this anime legally. The first season is available in Funimation but Funimation is not available in Asia.

Now people in these countries are wondering if they can see season 2 of this anime or not. However, it’s natural to get worried as there is no way you can watch the series officially in these countries. We can wait for further information from the OTT platforms. Still, people can bypass this region lock by using vpn services and the most popular one is NordVPN which lets you connect with 240+ VPN servers across the world.

Muse Asia Community Post

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