Kamisama Activities In A World Without Gods Manga Is Getting TV Anime

Kamisama Activities In A World Without Gods (Kaminaki Sekai no Kamisama Katsudo) manga is getting anime adaptation. This anime is also known as What God Does in a World Without Gods. The anime is published by Hero’s Inc. The publisher announced on Tuesday that they are releasing an anime series based on this isekai manga. However, the publisher only released some visuals, not any teasers or videos. This manga is written by the same author as Konosuba.

What God Does in a World Without Gods


Yukito’s parents are the leaders of a cult. After he gets sacrificed, he gets reincarnated into another world where religion doesn’t exist and porn books are akin to a child’s doodles. He finds that it’s also a world where your life and death is decided by the country. While obstructing his friend’s execution, both of them lose their lives. Just at that moment, the god of his religion comes to their world and revives them.

The manga was launched back in May 2019. The manga is still ongoing and we can expect more news and release or even the trailer in near future.

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