Child of Kamiari Month’s Trailer, Cast & Release Date Revealed

Child Of Kamiari Month’s trailer, cast and release date has finally been revealed. Cretica Universal teased the anime film’s first look at the Anime Expo Lite event in earlier July this year. The project was announced during the crowdfunding campaigns in March 2019. So after a long time, we got the trailer of Child of Kamiari Month, cast details and release date.

Child of Kamiari Month is set to release on 8th October 2021. We got a trailer that shows the opening theme song “Kanna” by Miwa who wrote and sang the song. We got two new cast updates also; Kou Shibasaki as Kanna’s mother Yayoi Hayama and Arata Iura as Kanna’s single father Norimasa Hayama. Other than cast, trailer and release date, we got some official posters. You can see the images below.

Here are the full cast and staff members are given below.


Original Communications Director: Toshinari Yonko
Animation Director: Shirai Takashi
Screenplay: Ryuta Miyake, Tetsuro Takita, Toshinari Yonko
character design and chief animation director: Haruka Sagawa
God design: Hiroyasu Oda
color design: Kakita Yukiko
Art Director: Sato Gokokorozashi
Director of Photography: Takatsu Junpei
Acoustic Director: Miwa Iwanami
Creation Director: Kazuya Sakamoto
Storyboard: Takana Shirai, Kazuya Sakamoto, Tomomi Mochizuki
General Producer: Osiauko
Producer Location Director: Tetsuhei Mishima
Producer: Yoshihiro Yoshida
Production Manager: Tetsuro Satomi
Supervisor: Michihiko Suwa
Planning: Critica Universal
Production: Leiden Film
Music: Sony Music Labels Inc
Advertising: Pazzy Entertainment
Distribution: Aeon Entertainment


  • Kanna: Aju Makita
  • Shiro: Maaya Sakamoto
  • Yasha: Freedom Irino
  • Kanna (childhood): Chise Niitsu
  • Miki: Riko Nagase
  • Ryujin: Wataru Takagi
  • Kotoshironushi (Ebisu Ten): Chafurin Okuninushi
  • Yayoi Hayama: Kou Shibasaki
  • Norimasa Hayama: Arata Iura

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