SPY x FAMILY Season 2 Countdown

Spy x Family Season 1 ended and became the best anime of Summer 2022 by leaving behind the sequels of some popular anime like Kaguya Sama season 4 and Class Room Of Elite season 2. But you guys no need to worry because Season 2 of Spy x Family is set to release in October 2022.

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Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 1 Countdown

About SPY x FAMILY Season 2 :

Release Date :Oct 9, 2022
Official website :spy-family.net
Official Twitter :@spyfamily_anime
Genre :Action, Comedy, Shounen
Studio :WIT STUDIO, CloverWorks

Spy x Family Season 2 :

SPY x FAMILY’s season two is going to have 13 episodes. Depending on the exact start date, 13 weeks of SPY x FAMILY episodes would put the part two finale at the end of December.

Spy X Family Part 2 Plot :

chapters) of the manga, so we’d expect that second half to cover a similar amount of ground. That means, if you just can’t wait to know what happens next, there are plenty of details out there.

Without spoiling too much, volumes four to six of the manga see Anya, Loid, and Yor get into all sorts of trouble.

SPY x FAMILY part two will see us, and the Forgers, get acquainted with their new family member Bond, the big white dog with mysterious powers we met in the last moments of part one.

We’ll also see Anya tackle some more impossible exams at her prestigious school, and get introduced to a new WISE agent whose feelings for Loid go beyond the professional.

Where You Can Watch Spy X Family Part 2?

You can watch Spy X Family Part 2 on Crunchyroll in English sub. In case you want to watch Spy X Family Season 2 in English dubbed then you can watch it on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Funimation.

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