Platinum End Episode 24 Live Countdown

Platinum End is an ongoing anime. It is one of the most ongoing popular anime of 2022 and people are waiting for new episodes impatiently. So many people are wondering when the latest episode of platinum end anime will come. See the timer down below.

Platinum End Episode 24 Countdown!

Where Can You Watch Platinum End?

You can watch Platinum End on various platforms streaming platforms. Anime streaming platform varies from country to country. As of now, Platinum End is available at Crunchyroll for watching.

How To Watch Platinum End?

You can watch Platinum End anime by taking Netflix or Crunchyroll’s subscription. A new episode comes every week to get informed for the latest episode follow the Platinum End latest episode timer given here.

Platinum End Plot :

platinum end latest episode release countdown

“I will give you the hope to live.”

Kakehashi Mirai lost his parents in an accident and lived in misery with the relatives who took him in. Having lost hope in everything, he jumped off the roof of a building on the day of his middle school graduation. But then he met an angel…

How Many Episodes Will Platinum End Have?

According to, Platinum End is going to have 24 episodes. In case there is any update regarding Platinum End episodes we will update and inform you guys as soon as it releases.


The Platinum End timer is totally accurate. You can follow the timer to get the information on the latest episode. As soon as the timer ends, a new episode should be available. This timer is universal so it doesn’t matter in which country you live.

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