Demon Slayer – Swordsmith Village Arc (S3) Countdown

Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba) Swordsmith Village Arc has been announced by Ufotable studio. As soon as the second season ended, the studio has announced that it’s already working on the third season named Swordsmith Village Arc. You may not know the release date or the countdown of the Demon Slayer Season 3.

Demon Slayer Swordsmith Village Arc (Season 3) Release Date

Unfortunate, the exact release date is yet to be revealed by the studio. If we follow their release pattern, you can expect the anime to come in Fall 2022 as it is already in production. Their usual pattern is to release the seasons every year. We can expect the official release date announcement after Spring 2022.

Demon Slayer Swordsmith Village Arc (Season 3) Live Countdown

Demon Slayer Season 3 – Swordsmith Village Arc Trailer

Where You Can Watch Demon Slayer Swordsmith Village Arc Season 3

Demon Slayer Season 1 is available only on Netflix and Season is available on two platforms (Crunchyroll and Netflix)

How To Watch Demon Slayer Season 3 (Swordsmith Village Arc)

As soon as Demon Slayer Season 3 is released, you can watch it by taking a subscription to Netflix and Crunchyroll. There may be more platforms will be available in the future but till now Netflix is the only confirmed platform where you can watch Demon Slayer Season 3.

Demon Slayer Season 3 (Swordsmith Village Arc) Characters

The previous characters will return in Demon Slayer Swordsmith Village Arc. We can Tanjiro and Nezuko in the lead roles along with Muichiro and Mitsuri Kanroji. We may also see Zenitsu and Inosuke also but they won’t be seen much.

Demon Slayer Swordsmith Village Arc Plot

Demon Slayer Swordsmith Village Arc

After a brutal battle against Upper Moon Six Daki and Gyuutarou, Tanjiro’s sword is not in a good shape to fight demons. His swordsmith Hotaru Haganezuka goes missing so Tanjiro goes to Swordsmith village to forge a new sword. Meanwhile, Muzan sends his upper moons to the village to destroy it.

How Many Episodes Will Demon Slayer Season 3 Have?

Demon Slayer season 3 is expected to have 12 to 13 episodes. The second season has 18 episodes (if we count Mugen train arc also).


Demon Slayer Season 3 countdown and the release date are perfectly accurate and you can follow without a second thought. The anime is getting better after every season. Season 3 will be more spectacular and famous at the same time because of some unexpected turn of events that will occur in the future.


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