The Detective Is Already Dead -Review & Comparison

Detective Is Already Dead is one of the fresh anime out there. The anime was released a week ago. There are only two episodes till now. Yet the anime is getting a lot of popularity. It is also a detective type anime like Detective Conan and Death Note. So how does it stand against these two big anime? Let’s find out.

About The Detective Is Already Dead

The Detective Is Already Dead starts with Kimihiko Kimizuka who considers himself as a trouble magnet. The story starts with Kimihiko Kimizuka in an airplane. There he meets a girl Siesta (a code name). She addresses herself as a legendary detective. She also makes Kimihiko, her sidekick. Later they successfully stop the plane from hijacking. Siesta starts living with Kimiko in his apartment. She explains that she’s fighting against an organisation “SPES” which converts humans to half androids. After that they also solve a high school drug case.

As the title suggests “The Detective Is Already Dead”, Siesta actually dies in the first episode of the anime and the story moves three years forward. Kimihiko has been narrating the story since the beginning. Kimihiko explains that Siesta dies fighting the SPES organization.


The Detective Is Already Dead comparison with Detective Conan and Death Note

The Detective Is Already Dead gets a good start so how does this anime stand out against one of the best detective anime; Detective Conan or Death Note.

The beginning of these anime is abrupt. The Detective Is Already Dead begins with Kimihiko Kimizuka who is a trouble maker and has no knowledge of investigation. On the other hand, Shinichi Kudo (Jimmy Kudo in english dubbed) is already good in investigation and detective stuff. Same goes for Light Yagami from Death Note. He is also one of the smartest students in Japan. His detection skills are also sharp. So the main character in The Detective Is Already Dead is different from these two others although we see he has become a little intelligent after he loses Siesta.

Detective Conan and The Detective Is Already Dead is still an ongoing series. Compared to Detective Conan, The Detective Is Already Dead has very few episodes. Right now we have yet to see the main story of the anime in future.

How To Watch These Anime

If you’re wondering where you can watch them, here is a guide. As you know, not all anime are available for free, you always have to pay sometimes. So here is the guide on how you can watch Death Note, Detective Conan & The Detective Is Already Dead.

How to watch Death Note

Death Note

Death Note is available on Netflix for free. You can watch it for free by getting the trial version of Netflix. After that you can cancel your subscription if you want. Other than Netflix, you can watch the anime in Hulu and Crunchyroll. Please note that they have country limitations so please read their license limitations for more info. It includes Netflix also.

How To Watch Detective Conan

Detective Conan

Detective Conan is a pretty old anime. It’s hard to find on the internet. But this anime is available on Netflix in the UK. So you can use Netflix using a UK server. There’s a reddit discussion on it where you can watch it for free. You should check that reddit discussion for more info.

How To Watch The Detective Is Already Dead

If you live in Asia, you’re very lucky. You can watch The Detective Is Already Dead for free on Muse Asia YouTube channel. If you are not from Asia continent, don’t worry. You just need a VPN and connect it to any asian country and then open the Muse Asia official YouTube channel. You will find The Detective Is Already Dead for free on YouTube.

Final Words

The Detective Is Already Dead anime has a unique style. Judging by the start, you may find it a little off. The story will get interesting as it progresses. Still it’s nowhere near to Death Note. But you can say it has its own type of story. Whereas Death Note has a completely different story. Although it looks a little better than Detective Conan anime. Let me know what you think about this anime in the comment section. 

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