Rudeus Has Been Captured & Eris Is Suffering

Ever since the first episode of Mushoku Tensei was released. People were waiting for the second episode. People were expecting to see something new in the second episode of Mushoku Tensei but it turns out to be a little different than before. Here’s why.

Previous Episode

The first episode of Mushoku Tensei Season 2 started with their arrival on the demon continent’s harbor. They decided to take a boat to return to the Fitoa Region. But after hearing the price, they found no way to raise that much amount of money. Before that Rudeus met the Kishirika Kishirishu the conqueror of demons and got the eye of foresight that can see in the future. Hearing their problems, a smuggler whom Rudeus met earlier, decided to help them to leave the place. Meanwhile, we also see Roxy in the background several times. This episode ended when they board the ship

Mushoku Tensei Episode 2 Details

Mushoku Tensei Episode 2
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As I have mentioned earlier this episode turned out to be a little different than others. The reason is the story progressing. If you’ve been reading manga or watching the anime constantly, you may have noticed that most of the time story always feels like fast forward. They show many things in 20 mins. But the story really moved at the end of it.

The story started with Roxy and the former members of Fangs of Black Wolf Tallhand and Elinalise Dragonroad. This is the parallel incident that is happening along with Rudeus getting the eye of the foresight incident. We saw Roxy’s part in the harbor. It also includes the previous episode’s scene where Roxy ran away right after seeing Ruijerd. After that, some more funny incidents happen and we also got to know Roxy’s preference for men. Regardless, Roxy and his party didn’t gain any information regarding the Greyrat family. But we get to know that Roxy is well-known in that part of Demon Continent as a random party in adventurer’s guild approaches her and recognizes her after a little conversation. The past of Roxy Migurdia is yet to be revealed.

After that the scene shifts to Rudeus and others. The smugglers take Ruijerd in their hands because of their own safety measures. As they board the ship Roxy starts vomiting in seasickness. After the travel, they take their feet in the ground and Rudeus goes to rescue Ruijerd but surprisingly he sees the smugglers have captured some beast race children and a dog. Ruijerd decides to save the children and kill the smugglers and he succeeds but there is a dog left also. Rudeus decides to go after it. As soon as he saves the dog, the people from the beast race come to rescue the captured dog and children. On the contrary, they suspect Rudeus to be the smuggler and captures him. The big size dog turns out to be a divine being of the beast forest people. Episode 2 ends here and the next episode will come in this week. You can watch the show on Muse Aisa for free of cost.

What’s Next

Assuming the situation, Rudeus is captured by those beast race people and Ruijerd and Eris are likely to try to find and free Rudeus from their hands. They may also clear all the misunderstanding that has happened in this episode.

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