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Rudeus Greyrat is one of the strongest mage on the world. He is 10 years old in anime series right now. For those who haven’t seen “Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation” anime or read manga & light novel, Rudeus is the main protagonist of this show. He has been Reincarnated in a world of swords and sorceries. In his previous life, Rudeus was a 34 years old NEET guy in a normal world like ours. After being reincarnated, he considered this a second opportunity and decided not to waste this life. So here we will mention his previous life, present life, appearance, personality, relations, age, powers, achievements and more.

Previous Life

In his previous life, Rudeus was a 34 years old Japanese NEET guy. Creators haven’t revealed his previous life name till now. In the first episode we see him in front of a monitor where he was playing games or watching something instead of going on his parents funeral. This action triggered his relatives and they throw him out of the house. He was homeless and walking on the streets on a rainy day. Then he saw some teenagers fighting and a truck got out of control and it was going to hit them. Then that 34 years old NEET guy decided to save them by the sacrifice of his own life. He tried to save them and died there. Later then he has been reincarnated in the world of swords and sorceries.

During his past life, he was very badly bullied by others. That’s why he was afraid of going out of his house. This fear still remains in his reincarnated life untill his magic teacher Roxy takes him out of his house for the first time.

Present Life

After the death, the unknown guy finds himself in a new world. He seems to be confused. After few moments, he sees that he is in an infant’s body. Despite being reincarnated, he has his old life memories. Later he finds out his name is Rudeus Greyrat. Because of his previous life memory, Rudeus grasps everything so easily. Even he learns their language within 6 months. After seeit his mother doing magic, Rudeus becomes curious about magic and finds some books inside a box which contains magic basics. Day by day Rudeus learns magic and sharpens his magic skills. He soon starts doing intermediate level magic as well. When his parents find out about his abilities. They hire a magic teacher for him. Her name is Roxy Migurdia.

After his graduation, further incidents happens and he decides to go to Ranoa Magic Academy along with his friends Sylphiette. Because of this he starts tutoring to earn enough money to go to Ranoa Magic Academy. He starts tutoring his long distant cousin Eris Boreas Greyrat.



Rudeus looks much more bold, muscular and stronger than in his previous life. He has blonde hair with a ponytail. Just like his father, he has a mole underneath his left eye.


Rudeus Pervert

Despite being a reincarnation, Rudeus keeps his previous life memories with him. Because of these memories, he is fully aware of his actions. He often overestimates his opponents and always tries to avoid a fight. He is a strong and intelligent guy but he never became arrogant because of his previous life incidents. Although he is a pervert like his father. It’s acceptable though as he was a virgin at the age of 34 in his previous life.


Rudeus has a big family with two mothers and two sisters. Here are their names and details below.

Rudeus Family
Image source : Muse Asia
  • Paul Greyrat (father)
  • Zenith Greyrat (mother)
  • Norn Greyrat (younger sister)
  • Lilia Greyrat (step mother)
  • Aisha Greyrat (younger step sister)

That’s all the details available in anime. If I write any more details, I may spoil your excitement of the show.

Note : further reading this post may include some spoilers. So proceed with your own risk.

Powers And Achievements

Rudeus Doing Magic

When it comes to power, Rudeus has the same amount of Mana (Magic power) as Laplace who is considered to be the strongest in the world.

  • At the age of five Rudeus already mastered Emperor class water magic
  • He can also cast saint class magic in Fire, Earth, Wind, Healing, and Detoxification Magic.
  • He ranks at seven alongside the other great world powers.
  • Rudeus gets the title “Hero” after defeating Atofe.
  • Rudy can cast magic with voiceless incantations.

Rudeus Greyrat Facts

  • Rudeus has large reserve of Mana that equals to the demon king Laplace.
  • He masters Saint class water magic at the age of five only.
  • Rudy can speak multiple languages
  • He can cast complex magic instantly without any delay during his fights.
  • Rudeus has a demon eye which has been given by the Demon Emperor Kishirika Kishirisu. This eye helps him to see 2-3 seconds in future. It helps him to see his opponents move.
  • Rudeus is not only a good mage but also a Saint class swordsman. He improves his combat abilities with his magic armours (Magic Armor Mk II B & Magic Armor Mk I)
  • Just like his father he is a pervert also.
  • He doesn’t need to wear Touka like Laplace.
  • Rudeus has three wives and six children.

Rudeus FAQs

How old does he become at the end of the first season?

Rudeus becomes 10 years old at the end of the series.

How old does he become at the end of the second season?

Rudeus becomes 13 years old at the end of the series.

How strong Rudeus is?

Rudeus Greyrat has a large reserve of Mana (magic power) that equals the Demon God Laplace’s Mana. He ranks at seven in the most powerful mage in the world.

When does Rudeus start learning magic?

Rudeus starts learning magic at the age of two and half years after seeing her mother doing the magic. After his parents find out about his magic abilities. Then his parents decided to hire magic for him.

What’s Rudeus nickname?

Rudeus’ nickname is Rudi/Rudy. His parents, his teacher Roxy and Sylphiette call him by his nickname.

What’s the name of the wand that Rudeus uses?

The name of the wand is Aqua Heartia. Eris gave him this wand on his 10th birthday.

How did Rudeus Greyrat Die?

The Old Rudeus died after a time travel journey where Rudeus’ some organs went missing and he was drained out of Mana.

Final Words

Rudeus Greyrat is the main protagonist and one of the strongest characters in Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation. Rudeus has a good intelligence and always awards of his actions. He is also a pervert and has knowledge of science which he uses in his magics and other works. Recently, Rudeus becomes a fan character among anime watchers. He becomes this popular because of intelligence and personality. The first of season of the anime has just ended. So fans are eagerly waiting for the next season that should come in July. Till the time people can read manga and light novel for further stories but it may ruin the excitement of watching anime. As you already know what will happen in next moment.

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