Demon Slayer: Hanafuda Earrings Details & Buying Guide

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Hanafuda Earrings are the ones Tanjiro Kamado wears in Demon Slayer anime. There are many people who don’t know the origin of Hanafuda Earrings. Here is the history and the owners of these earrings. These earrings are also known as demon Slayer Earrings. On the bonus side, you will get links to buy them also.


At the present time, we see Tanjiro wearing these earrings. However, it has a long history. These earrings were made 400 years before the current time of the Demon Slayer anime. The story takes place in a lord’s mansion where two twin brothers were born. One of them has a weird birthmark on his forehead. That’s why the Lord decided not to give him the successorship. Despite being brothers, they have totally different lifestyles. The boy with the birthmark was Yoriichi Tsugikuni. He couldn’t speak any words at first. Her mother was always sick. She prayed for her son to the sun god. Then after that, she made a pair of earrings and gave them to Yoriichi. These earrings later are known as Hanafuda Earrings. Later in his life, he faced Muzan, the progenitor of all demons. Muzan barely survived it. Later he saw Tanjiro wearing the same earrings so he got a little fearful and angry at the same time. But later Yoriichi gave these earrings to  Sumiyoshi, the ancestor of Tanjiro and Nezuko.


hanafuda earrings tanjiro and yoruichi

Throughout the demon slayer manga we have seen only few owners of these rings. Yoriichi Tsugikuni is the original owner of these earrings. His mother gave them to him as a blessing from the Sun God. Yoriichi name his breathing style “Sun Breathing” after these earrings. He kept them to him upto ten years.

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After that Yoriichi gave those earrings to Sumiyoshi Kamado and left that place. Sumiyoshi promised Yoriichi to pass down the sun breathing and Hanafuda Earrings to his successors. After that, these earrings appeared in the present time. Currently, these earrings are owned by Tanjiro Kamado. Later it was revealed that his dad also wore the same earrings. Just like Sumiyoshi did, Tanjiro’s father also passed down the earrings to Tanjiro. Anyway, these are the owners of these earrings that have been shown in the series.

Hanafuda Earrings Buying Guide

After seeing the popularity of this anime, many individuals and companies have tried to make similar earrings. If you search on Amazon, you may come across many products. So here I will give you a few select options so that you can choose from the best of the best with a low price also. There’s an official store of Hanafuda Earrings online you can go there and check the products. They only give links to authorized products of Hanafuda Earrings.

Why Should You Buy Hanafuda Earrings?

There are several reasons to buy these earrings. Here are few of them below

  • If you love Demon Slayer anime, you may want to have a collection of Demon Slayer toys and other products. So These earrings would add a charm to your demon slayer anime collection.
  • If someone in your friend circle loves this anime also, you can give them Hanafuda Earrings as a gift. That person will be happy too.
  • Hanafuda Earrings not only for anime lovers but also for normal people. It has a unique earrings design. You can even give a gift to your girlfriend, daughter or wife. They will be happy for sure.
  • These earrings can also be used in cosplays.

That’s all the details about Hanafuda Earrings. Let me know if I miss some details about these earrings.

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