All Death Notes and their Owners

Death Note is art or anime. This anime is pretty complex for people also. If you watch the show attentively, you may see the death notes circulated among people so often. The show becomes so complex that some people get confused. How many Death Notes are there actually and who is their owner?

All Death Notes And Their Owners

To begin with, there are a total of four Death Notes in total. The fact is only three Death Notes are circulated among people. Here are all shinigami who own the Death Notes down below.

  • Ryuk
  • Rem
  • Sidoh
  • Gelus

Death Note Owners In Details

The first Death Note appeared in the series owned by Ryuk. He is the first Shinigami who came to earth in the series. This notebook actually belongs to Sidoh, a Shinigami. Ryuk just stole it from it as Armonia Justin Beyondormason (right-hand man of Shinigami King) informed further in the series. Light Yagami, who is a genius high school student, picked the notebook. He started killing criminals with the help of the death note. Light has been named ‘Kira’ by the people on the internet. However Ryuk also has his own Death Note.

Later in the series, another notebook appears in the hands of a celebrity. Her name is Misa Amane accompanying Rem (another Shinigami). Misa has the Death Note of Gelus who is also a shinigami and loves Misa. One day, Gelus knows the actual day of Misa’s and he tries to alter it. However altering someone’s death is forbidden among all shinigami. After doing this forbidden action, Gelus disappeared in dust. The remaining life-span of Gelus has been added to Misa’s life-span. Then Rem takes Gelus’ Death Note and gives it to Misa. Rem also has her own Death Note as well.

Here is the summary of total death notes. First one is Sidoh’s notebook which Ryuk steals and gives it to Light Yagami. Second one is Ryuk’s notebook we have seen. The third notebook is Gelus’ notebook. After he disappears, Rem takes his notebook and gives it to Misa Amane. The last notebook is the one that Rem has. So this makes a total of four Death Notes.

Death Notes All Owners In Detail

The history of these Death Notes are pretty vast so it’s hard to explain. I will try to put it as simple as I can. 

Let’s start with the first Notebook that appears in the beginning of the series. This Death Note is owned by Sidoh. Later we came to know that Ryuk stole it from and threw it on the human world. Here Light Yagami took the notebook and started killing people.

A few days later, we see another notebook in the hands of Misa Amane. This notebook belongs to Gelus. Later in the series, Light Yagami buries Misa’s notebook and gives his notebook to Rem. He also tells Rem to give it to someone greedy. Here Rem gives Light’s notebook to Kyosuke Higuchi who is the head of Technology Development at the Yotsuba Corporation. Kyosuke uses the notebook for his own benefits and the company’s benefits as well.

Afterward, Kyosuke has been caught and the notebook has been detained by L. Although Light regains his death note memories and tells Misa to get her notebook which is buried somewhere. After getting the notebook, Misa Amane regains her Death Note memories and light tells her to remember the real name of L. But she can’t remember the name and makes the eye deal with Ryuk.

After this Rem kills L and dies for the sake of Misa Amane. But after her death, Rem’s notebook remains. Light keeps the notebook to himself. Afterward, Mello kidnapped Sayu Yagami. She is Light’s sister. Mello demands for the notebook in the exchange of Sayu. Light and his teammates agree on this. They give the notebook which has been detained from Kyosuke.

Meanwhile, Light gives Rem’s notebook to Ryuk again. After that Soichiro Yagami makes the Shinigami Eye Deal with Ryuk and claims the notebook. Now, Soichiro threatens Mellow to write down his name in the notebook but fails because of letting his guard down. Now Soichiro is dead and the notebook is still in the hands of Mellow. Later he gives it to Near. On the other hand, Light makes a move and gives Misa’s notebook to Teru Mikami. He is a criminal prosecutor who worships Kira. He starts killing people on the order of the first Kira.

Final Words

In the end, Light has been caught and killed by Ryuk after that the series ends and there are clues to what happened to the other notebooks. Unfortunately we don’t get anymore details but we can safely assume that Ryuk went to shinigami realm after killing Light.

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