Arifureta Season 2 Trailer, New Characters & More

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest is quite a popular anime. Season 2 of Arifureta has already been announced but there is a lot of patience needed for the fans. Fortunately, the studio has decided to release some ONA episodes of the series. It is pretty much like Tonikaku Kawaii SNS. The special is named Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou Prologue. But there will be no further specials of this anime.

Arifureta has its own fanbase for having a wonderful story plot. Although you may find it similar to other isekai anime every anime has its own reasons to be famous. So what made Arifureta so famous.

Arifureta Nagumo

About Arifureta Anime

Arifureta is originally a light novel series. Ryo Shirakome wrote the series. It has a total of 11 volumes and it is still ongoing. The light novel was first released in November 2013 with a bunch of side stories but the light novel took its pace in 2015 when Overlap publishing house took interest in the story and arranged it in volumes. After a year later, the manga started coming as well. It is also ongoing as the light novel. The writer made a new title named Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest Zero on which the anime is based on. It is the prequel to the original light novel series. There is a following manga as well with the same name. Finally, the anime came in July 2019 and got only 13 episodes and three specials. The first season was produced by White Fox studio and the upcoming second season will be produced by Studio Mother. The studio is changed now so let’s see what happens with the series.

The story follows normal school students and their teachers who are following their daily routine. They suddenly got summoned into a mysterious world where monsters, demons, and humans co-exist. The name of the main character is Hajime Nagumo who is pretty weak and receives a status of a synergist. On their arrival, they decide to capture the labyrinth the summoners were talking about. Later Nagumo gets lost in the labyrinth and gets to know the dirty secrets of the god of that world. Nagumo doesn’t care about the god of that world and decides to return to his homeworld along with friends he has got along the way. According to some mysterious characters, Nagumo will face the god of this world and make the world free from the misery that the people in the world are facing.

A Little Opinion On The Anime

Just like a typical Isekai anime, Arifureta has almost the same characteristics. The story starts abruptly. The normal people from a normal world have been summoned into a world of demons and catastrophes. The heroes need to defeat the demon who has found a way to control monsters and they are constantly trying to erase humanity. Unlike other isekai anime who usually is strong from the beginning, this hero is pretty weak much like Kazuma from Konosuba. However, the main protagonist in Konosuba remained weak to make the story more interesting. This hero has become quite strong and he is even able to defeat the villains that his friends can’t even do.

Why does Arifureta have special episodes?

The anime has some plot holes obviously but the biggest question is the starting of the anime. As you know the story started so suddenly that people barely know the characters. Even I got stumbled at the beginning what the hell is actually happening. But to fill the plot holes, the studio decided to release the specials. The specials cover up some of the missing plots also. These plots are only missing in the anime, not in the manga and the light novel.

Arifureta Season 2 Release Date

For people who don’t know, Arifureta’s 2nd Season has already been announced. The anime will come in January 2022. The official trailer has been dropped already. It also reveals some new characters along with their visuals Check the options below.


Visuals and new characters – Official Website

Final Words

Arifureta is a good fantasy anime. If you have ever watch How Not To Summon A Demon Lord or anime like this kind, you will surely enjoy this anime as well. More or less, you may find the plot interesting as well. The second season is knocking at the door right now.

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