All Main Breathing Styles in Demon Slayer

Breathing styles are combat abilities that help the demon slayers in the battle against the demons. Throughout the demon slayer aka Kimetsu No Yaiba anime history, there are several breathing styles we’ve have encountered. But most of the styles are derived from main breathing styles. So here are the all main breathing styles here. Each breathing technique has contain different forms which help them to strike in various situations.

Please note that all breathing techniques are strong. This article only includes the breathing styles as a list, not as a rank.

Beast Breathing

Beast Breathing user Inosuke Hashibra

Beast breathing is created and improvised by Inosuke Hashibra himself. He has a total of seven forms. He calls his techniques “fangs” instead of  “forms”. We don’t have any further clue about this form yet but it’s the most unique and it has not been derived from any other breathing styles.

Thunder Breathing

Thunder Breathing user Zenitsu

Thunder breathing is one of the main five breathing styles. This breathing style mainly focuses on speed. That doesn’t mean that it has less offensive power. We already saw Zenitsu smashing the demons using this breathing style. Apparently thunder breathing has six forms we knew so far. There are only three thunder-breathing users in the first of the anime. The main cultivator of thunder breathing is Jigoro Kuwajima, a former thunder hashira. He is the one who taught Zenitsu and Kaigaku this breathing style. Later Kaigaku becomes a demon and Zenitsu fights with him. During the fight, Zenitsu creates the seventh form of this breathing technique.

Wind Breathing

Wind Breathing Sanemi Shinazugawa

Wind Breathing is also one of the main five main breathing styles. These breathing techniques are mainly based on air and tornadoes. It has a total of seven forms. Wind Breathing has derivative as well. Mist breathing is derived from water breathing as well. The current user of Wind breathing is Sanemi Shinazugawa. He is a pillar (hashira) as well. Masachika Kumeno is another Wind breathing user we encounter in the demon slayer series.

Stone Breathing

Stone Breathing user Gyomei Himejima

Stone breathing is quite strong as well. Now in demon slayer, we see only Gyomei Himejima using this style. He is also considered the strongest hashira in the series. This breathing style imitates earth and stones as offensive strikes. It has five forms in total. Sadly there no other stone-breathing user in the series. So there are not many details available.

Water Breathing

Water Breathing user Giyu Tomioka with his eleventh form

Water Breathing is the first breathing style we saw in the demon slayer series. This technique uses water to attack the demons. Water breathing has ten forms in total. The first water-breathing user who appeared in the anime was Giyu Tomioka. He is also the first demon slayer we saw in the series as well. Throughout the series, there is numerous water breathing user we have seen. The current water pillar is Giyu Tomioka. Sakonji Urokodaki is the former water pillar and he is the one who taught Tanjiro water breathing. Other than them, Sabito, Aoi, Murata Makomo are the user of water breathing.

Flame Breathing

Kyojuro Rengoku flame breathing look at mugen train

Flame breathing has a long history. It is quite similar to sun breathing. The user of this breathing style uses flame’s heat and scorch to burn down their enemy. This breathing technique has total nine forms in total. We also saw his father Shinjuro Rengoku, a former hashira. Mitsuri Kanroji also used flame breathing but later she created her own derivative named love breathing.

Moon Breathing

image source : fandom

Moon breathing is a a breathing style created by Kokushibo. He is the twin brother of Yoriichi Tsugikuni. This breathing technique imitates classical crescent moon and shape it with the users movements. This breathing technique has a total of sixteen forms. As Kokushibo is a demon, he keeps adding new forms in four hundred years. He is the only user of this breathing technique as far as the series goes.

Sun Breathing (Hinokami Kagura)

Sun breathing Hinokami Kagura fourth form
demon slayer mugen train image

Sun breathing is the most powerful breathing style among others. All other breathing styles have been derived from this. Yoriichi Tsugikuni is the one who created this technique and he taught it to the ancestors of Tanjiro Kamado. His family members and Yoriichi are the only ones who can use this breathing technique. This breathing style has a total of thirteen forms.

Final Words

These are the main breathing styles that is on anime and manga. Surely Sun breathing is the main breathing technique but other derivatives also stayed for a long period. Let me know if I miss something here in comment section below.

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